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    Limitless Leadership™: Reflecting on 2019 – did your year exceed your expectations?

Limitless Leadership™: Reflecting on 2019 – did your year exceed your expectations?

Well here we are, at the end of another year and would you believe the end of another decade!  An opportunity to reflect on and consider the happenings.
How has your year been? Did it exceed your expectations?
This is a question I’ve asked many of my clients with varying responses. My question to you is […]

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The Gift Mindset™: The Gift of Acceptance

“Acceptance makes an incredible fertile soil for the seeds of change” – Steve Maraboli
Pain x Resistance
In Buddhist philosophy suffering equals pain times resistance. When we learn to accept the pain, be it an experience, our reality or certain relationships, this can actually cause less suffering than struggling against whatever was causing our pain.

Something I have […]

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Limitless Leadership™: 3 Ways to Shake Up Meetings

Meetings, meetings , meetings…
…we all know we either organise them or attend them more than we should.

A recent Microsoft Office survey listed the top three time wasters in business are: ineffective meetings closely followed by unclear objectives and a lack of team communication. Executives interviewed also noted that over 67% of meetings are a […]

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Limitless Leadership™: Whole Self Leadership Habits

There has been a hive of interest – a resurgence, on the topic of habits and one of my favourite books this year, Atomic Habits by James Clear has had a bit to do with this.

James puts a fresh perspective on habits. He has bought in new and old methodology of understanding how habits […]

Limitless Leadership™: Unwrapping the 3 layers of empathy

3 layers of empathy
Psychologists for many years have identified that there are 3 types of empathy.  There are many ways to feel and there are many ways to experience empathy.

Empathy is all about putting yourself in someone else's shoes and seeing, feeling and experiencing what they are going through from their perspective, especially in […]