Why wait until you’re gone to make a difference, impact others or have your voice heard?

Most people are recognised as amazing once they are gone; why not live the difference you make now?

As a leader, a business owner or in any role, what you contribute now can last the test of time.

Maybe it’s an idea; maybe it’s your contribution to someone or something; perhaps it’s the qualities you exude that others may be inspired by and emulate?

Whatever it is for you, I reckon it’s worth taking the time to think about.

Back in the 1940s in Catania, Italy, my grandfather (Nonno) was a talented high-end shoemaker (I blame him for my obsession with shoes), and he owned a shoe store and tannery.


Last year my cousin found the image you see above in an archived box full of family treasures. It is a photo from cinema advertising my grandfather did for his shoemaking business before the Second World War when he and his family, including my 2-year old Dad, had to leave for Australia.

I was blown away to see this image and what he created back in the ’40s, right down to the colours, which included my “teal” branding. This was not a colour often used in marketing in the ’40s.

Nonno’s shoe shop is now a bookstore, which fascinates me being a lover of books and shoes. His work was recognised and admired when he was alive. His ambition, creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset have cascaded down to many in my family, including me, who are now fuelled by the legacy he lived and left behind.

Tips for living your legacy NOW:

  1. Be curious and explore your passions
  2. observation, provocation and exploration are key
  3. Mentor and coach others
  4. Share your skills, lessons, and experience
  5. Adopt the Gift Mindset
  6. Share the lessons you have gleaned through challenges and successes
  7. Share your stories
  8. Tap into stories of your life, family and experiences, a great way to ensure these aren’t lost
  9. Identify and support causes and people that are important to you
  10. Reflect on this regularly in and out of the workplace

As always, I would love to hear what has resonated for you in this post.

Lead to be Limitless…
Signed Reneé

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