Keynote –
Motivational Intelligence to Collaborate

Did you know that motivation accounts for 65%
of the predictability of success in a role?

When people do what truly motivates them, they have a spring in their step; they feel lit up.

By understanding what motivates self and others, we have a platform to appreciate and leverage each other’s strengths. It also assists in building subliminal rapport and contributes to deeper, more meaningful conversations and relationships.

Working with thousands of executives we find many face these challenges: 

  • Lack of understanding of what really motivates themselves and others
  • Breakdown of communication and motivation dealing with stress and change
  • Lack of appreciation of the diversity of strengths of others which results in strengths not being leveraged
  • Caught up in doing what they are good at but not what they necessarily enjoy
  • A need to build rapport quickly and have cut-through conversations that matter
  • The inability to tap into and satisfy motivations of self, team, peers and customers
  • Blurred focus on working even better as a team, with a teaming approach
  • Building relationships remotely through virtual modes such as e-mail, webinars and Skype

In this interactive session, we look at ways to identify and satisfy what motivates you, your colleagues and your clients. We uncover powerful tips to decode language and tap into key drivers to maximise performance and role fulfilment.


The 12 Superpowers to Lead and be Limitless

Accelerating LIMITLESS LEADERSTM, teams & organisations.
Energising mindset, collaboration & culture to lift performance.

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