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Getrude Matsche Podcast

April 2024

Renée was a guest on the Getrude Matshe podcast talking all things 'embracing the Gift Mindset'.

The Next 100 Days Podcast

April 2024

Renée was a guest on The Next 100 Days Podcast with Graham Arrowsmith and Kevin Appleby and covered off EI and Gift Mindset.

L&D Summit Melbourne 2023

May 2023

Renée was a Keynote Presenter and Exhibitor at the 2023 L&D Leadership Summit Melbourne.

The Resilience Initiative

March 2022

Renée chats with Dr Marcus Chacos from The Resilience Initiative about the break down of Gift Mindset and what it means to find the hidden gifts in the fast pace of everyday life.

Video podcast with the team from Corporate Underground

06 September 2021

Listen in to this raw, dynamic and fun conversation where Renèe is interviewed by Matt Murray, Ronan Leonard and  Tony Sambell from Corporate Underground and Common Sense events.

Get to know “Popcorn” and where her passion for shoes come from and delve into all the amazing consequences in Renee's life that have led her to where she is.

Gift Mindset – Renée Giarrusso Full Interview

17 May 2021

Ticker News

How a Gift Mindset can change your culture.

May 2021

The International Institute of Directors & Managers Overview

What is the Gift Mindset and why does it matter.

May 2021

The International Institute of Directors & Managers Extract

The Centre for Optimism – Optimism and the Gift Mindset

April 2021

Renée Giarrusso is the author of “The Gift Mindset” – a book outlining 12 “gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution.” Gift Number 1 is “The Gift of Optimism” Renée Giarrusso join us online to talk about the gifts and, most importantly, to talk about the gift of optimism.

Gift Mindset®- Book Review

16 April 2021

In short, as I see it, a gift mindset is being able to see the opportunity, the value and the lesson in what happens for us and to us. Renee beautifully unwraps twelve gifts she has identified.

TV3 NZ – The AM Show

13 April 2021

Have you heard of the gift mindset?

It's a concept that asks us to look at challenges as ‘gifts' and use them to grow into better versions of ourselves, instead of letting them hinder us.

Communications expert and author of the book ‘The Gift Mindset', Renee Giarrusso, spoke to The AM Show.

Bob Hart – Make More Marbles in the US, recently interviewed Renée for his Podcast, and they had an amazing time talking about all things leadership and Gift Mindset.

11 February 2021

Brad Hart, Make More Marbles in the US, recently interviewed me for his Podcast, and we spent the most amazing time talking all things leadership and Gift Mindset. I loved Brad's energy as we deep-dived into the concept of the Gift Mindset.

VID21 Conference with Renée Giarrusso

9 March 2021

In this thought-provoking interview with author Renée Giarrusso we’ll explore how to view challenging situations — and successes too — as ‘gifts’. With the right mindset, we can learn to embrace them and apply the lessons in our personal and professional lives.

VITAlity Festival chat and Vibe with Renée Giarrusso

20 October 2020

Renee is a leadership and communication expert and is joining us as one of our keynote speakers at the VITAlity Festival.

Renee’s topic is Review habits to re-energise and refocus.

The Tradie Chick Interview with Kiki Makrogiannis

July 2020

Interviewed by Kiki Makrogiannis on ‘The Tradie Chick Show” on Ticker TV Renée discusses the challenges and opportunities she sees in her work in the construction industry. She shares valuable insights on her story, leadership and communication. Along with other tools and tips, this is a fun and engaging conversation.

Alex Bonare From Alexium Interviews Renée on the Long Room Vidcast the Long Road to Leadership

July 2020

Supercharge Working Remotely

April 2020

In a time of uncertainty and change, with our physical working environment shifting, never has there been a time where leadership of self and others has been more important.

In this talk Renée will delve into ways to supercharge working remotely including; how to ADJUST our mindset, beliefs and habits, ADAPT to our environment and technology and AMPLIFY our communication and connection to lead limitlessly.

Renées energetic session will provide practical insights, tips and tools that can be applied to supercharge new ways of thinking and working remotely.

Watch Renée interviewed on communication & leadership on Ticker TV

April 2020

Renée Giarrusso recently appeared on Ticker TV discuss how people are living in a hybrid work-home environment, and how teams can amplify their communication and leadership. Her Interview was live on the business channel with Ahron Young.