Coaching for Performance

Coaching for Performance

Imagine building a coach centric culture where people feel empowered, think for themselves and create an “asking” vs. “telling” culture!

Coaching is a key skill for a successful leader. By coaching, we empower others to think for themselves and in the process create future leaders; get time back to lead, and do the things that matter.

My personal journey with coaching started informally when managing teams in a large FMCG multi-national. As a senior leader, I was coached, and I was empowered to coach my team. I have been involved in coaching since 2000, and as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) I am passionate about creating coach centric cultures and have equipped thousands of leaders and executives with the skills and tools to lead their teams effectively through coaching.

Coaching for Performance | Renée Giarrusso

Executive coaching when done well can increase overall effectiveness in a role by up to 18%.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership of assisting an individual or team to identify where they are, where they want to go, and then all the magic happens in the gap in between. In a nutshell, coaching is a conversation between the leader and coachee to bridge the gap by the coach asking powerful questions and utilising a plethora of tools to empower the coachee to come up with their own answers and solutions. People own what they co-create, and involvement is key, be the all “asking” manager not the all “telling” manager.

There are 4 key leadership postures we can take. Training, mentoring and demonstrating all play a part as what we do, but coaching is one of the most empowering.

Executive Mentoring & Coaching

We are passionate about equipping managers and leaders to be able to coach and always reinforce that coaching should not be remedial. Coaching can be a formal conversation or a 5 minute “coaching on the Fly” chat to get to a great outcome.

Coaching can (but is not limited to):

  • Increase the level of communication.

  • Building stronger internal /external relationships.

  • Improve time management skills.

  • Build leadership growth and influencing skills.

  • Increase engagement and confidence.

  • Assist to identify blind spots.

  • Enable specific skills focus.

  • Improve delegation and influencing of key stakeholders.

  • Assist in organisational restructure or change.

  • Improve individual succession planning.

  • Enhance communication strategies, vision and action plans.

  • Enhance team dynamics.

We believe that if you want commitment, then coach, if you want compliance, then tell.

A leader as a coach will assist an individual and teams in identifying blind spots, stretching their capabilities and professional strengths whilst coaching through change and development to be the best they can be!

ICF (International Coaching Federation) 2015 studies found that there was a dramatic lift in many areas of the organisation with those undergoing an executive coaching program.

  • 70% improvement on overall work performance.

  • 51% increase in team effectiveness.

  • 80% increase in self confidence.

  • 73% had improved relationships at work.

  • 72% had improvement in their communication skills.

  • 67% had improved work life balance.

Coaching for Performance Program

AUDIENCE:  Leaders and executives at any level looking to grow and develop their coaching skills.

DURATION: 2-3 days

PROGRAM: Takes place in a learn and do environment, and can be run face to face or online.

The Curriculum Includes (but not restricted to):

  • Understanding the value of coaching as a leadership style.

  • Benefits of coaching, the 4 leadership postures and how they differ.

  • How to apply the GROW coaching framework.

  • Building skills to overcome challenging situations.

  • Situational coaching styles.

  • The key traits of coaching.

  • Introduction to the concept of storytelling.

  • Best practice and a coaching plan to apply your learnings back in the workplace.

This workshop is designed to suit the current level of coaching capability across attendees and will incorporate a large amount of time dedicated to practising these skills and mapping out a coaching plan to implement back on the job; to bring the learnings to life!

Equip yourself with coaching skills to take 1:1 and group sessions to the next level!

Step into your leadership by guiding your team, empowering them and leveraging your time to create future leaders!


Coaching for Performance Program

Coaching is a key skill for successful leaders.

People own what they co-create, and involvement is key; be the all “asking’ leader, not the all “telling” manager.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

GS1 have engaged Renee Giarrusso in a Coaching capacity for over 8 years.  Through her capacity as an excellent Coach at all different levels of Management in our organisation she has been able to provide skills and leadership practices that have enabled our people to thrive and mature and in many case reach their full potential.

But it is the work she has done with my Senior Leadership Team using psychometric assessment tools that I have been most impressed with.  The tools she has used have given us insights that have helped us to be a more cohesive, collaborative team and to appreciate that whilst the team is made up of individuals, learning how to succeed together is what we are all working to achieve. The lessons learnt, the wisdom shared and the results of the assessment tools have all been invaluable to building our foundations of trust and respect, making us a strong and productive Senior Management Team.

Maria Palazzolo, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, GS1 Australia

Renée’s enthusiasm and passion to bring out the best in her clients was why I decided to have her as my coach and mentor.  I began with a goal to improve my work/life balance, to set and maintain boundaries and to communicate more effectively with others at work.

Trinity Ripper, Finance Manager, Mason Balustrade

Renée is empathetic, clever, knowledgeable and presents in an easy-going non-confrontational way that makes everyone feel at ease. Awesome three days, great facilitator, content and time well spent with colleagues!

Senior Brand Manager, Beverage
One of the most dynamic and insightful programs around coaching we have attended. The 2 days were interactive and Renée’s knowledge both as an accredited coach and facilitator gave the program so much depth, real stories we could relate to and her passion for coaching and building coaching cultures was undeniable.
General Manager, Jones Lang Lasalle
Renée provided a nonthreatening environment where everyone felt comfortable in having a say and expressing themselves. Her knowledge and sense of humour combined with her extensive background experience and expertise resulted in one of the most beneficial and enjoyable courses I have ever attended.
Leader as Coach Participant,

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