Limitless Leadership™ Program Pathways

Limitless Leaders™ create a connected and collaborative culture that accelerates future leaders.

They increase the performance and motivation of the organisation.

A high-performance culture requires strong collective leadership and goals.

This is where everyone takes responsibility, not just for their own role but for the success of their team, peers, customers and organisation as a whole.

Limitless Leaders embrace collective leadership and love to learn, unlearn, relearn and evolve. They know leadership has no final destination. It is limitless. It is 3 dimensional. Leaders need to lead self before they can lead others and influence decisions.

Working with thousands of leaders we find many are:

  • Time poor and skill stretched.

  • Wanting to work “on” their team and not just “in” their team.

  • Needing to resolve the unresolved people problems and deal with change.

  • Transitioning from a management mindset to a leadership mindset.

  • Preparing for a future that may or may not exist that needs focus.
  • Looking to increase their coaching and mentoring capability.
  • Taking on a team with little or no people management experience.

  • Lacking succession planning in their leadership.

  • Have a real need to become more strategic, agile and co-creative.

  • Wanting to increase overall levels of leadership, communication and motivation.

  • Needing to enhance their leadership to shape the future and be limitless!

Leadership and management go hand-in-hand within today’s busy corporate environment. Many people are expected to be competent in both, even when transitioning from a non-people management role.

Our Limitless Leadership™ programs create a strategic pathway with regular workshops, group coaching and immersions to ensure that lessons are embedded back on the job and are applied in real-time with real situations.

We take you from where you are on the ladder below to being STAND OUT and LIMITLESS where you lead your organisation and industry.

Leadership Ladder

We find by shifting mindset; applying new ways of thinking and tools, we elevate executives from below the line, (refer the model on the left) to above the line where they become leaders of teams, leaders of leaders, and industry.

To go from a ‘manager’ mindset to a ‘leader’ mindset takes skill, a will, energy, drive, ambition and some smarts. It all starts with self-leadership and choosing to lead.

To create Limitless Leadership™, leadership that never ends or stops growing and evolving, we need to look on the inside first and decide to commit, learn, unlearn and learn again.

True commitment, effective communication and deep connection are vital.

Our highly interactive and dynamic programs deep dive into many themes and topics based on the level of leadership attending, and the agreed organisational and team objectives you are looking to fulfil.

Key Limitless Leadership™ program enablers:

  • A shift from the overwhelm of a management mindset to a clearer and focused leadership mindset.

  • Enhanced leadership capability and a focus on creating future leaders.

  • A Focus on people before process and progress.

  • Understanding and increase in motivation of self and team.

  • Management of self to manage and leverage time.

  • Understanding and adaptability of leadership style.

  • Strategise and plan to skyrocket performance and results.

  • Deeper self-awareness and self-leadership focus.

  • Development of cut-through communication and connection.

  • Increase in coaching and mentoring capability.

  • Energised mindset and renewed habits to lead.

  • Development of emotional and social intelligence.

  • Adoption of strategies and plans to embed learnings.


We are not all born to be leaders, but luckily for us, leadership is a skill that can be learnt through practice, experience, understanding yourself and your team better.

Leading a team can be easier and more effective when you understand and apply the key skills and mindset to create even more success.

True commitment, effective communication and deep connection are key in any leadership role and workplace culture.


The Limitless Leadership™ 3 Phase Pathway

These programs are tailored to YOUR needs and where leaders in your organisation are currently positioned in one of the 3 phases below.

All programs take place in a learn and do, environment. They can be run face to face or online. The program will be designed around the group's objectives and success outcomes. Sessions can also be broken up or run consecutively.

We suggest running Skill Pill sessions and group coaching between workshops to embed learning and maintain accountability and momentum.

Limitless Leaders I
Emerging Leaders

Audience: top talent, emerging and future leaders

Themes may include: Limitless leadership and position, self-leadership, awareness and understanding of values and beliefs. Accountability and ownership to drive learning and change, influencing skills, gap analysis, communication, feedback and mindset.

Limitless Leaders II
Middle Management

Audience: new or current managers looking to grow and bolster onto existing capability.

Duration: 2 days

Themes may include: Limitless leadership position and the key differences of management vs. leadership. Balanced leadership and leading remote and hybrid teams, leadership style and adaptability, the commitment curve, feedback and tackling the courageous conversations. Targeted communication, time management and an introduction to the 4 leadership postures including coaching and mentoring. Building habits to lead, accountability and ownership will also be explored.

Inclusions: Limitless Leadership Diagnostic and Situational Leadership survey.

Limitless Leaders

Audience: Senior Leaders & C suite looking to level up and expand their toolkit and thinking

Duration: 3 days

Themes may include: purpose, vision and strategy as a leader. Cross leadership and strategic networking, the 8 self-leadership habits, understanding motivation to deal with diversity and emotional and social intelligence. Coaching & mentoring to lead, adopting a Gift Mindset® and storytelling to build an open and connected culture. Resilience, leveraging your leadership brand and understanding the strengths of self and others (Strengthscope profiling). This program also includes a highly interactive Mastermind session where key challenges and opportunities are worked through as a collective group.

Inclusions: Emotional Intelligence survey and Strengthscope profiling tool.

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Limitless Leadership™ Pathways Program

Limitless Leaders create a connected and collaborative culture and create future leaders. They increase the performance and motivation of the organisation.

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What Our Clients Say

Renée’s character, drive, passion and enthusiasm are infectious. Renée’s knowledge and expertise have helped me develop as an individual for over 5 years. Through the Limitless Leaders program, I have seen a positive shift across two organisations. Most recently, Renée rolled out the Limitless Leaders programme on Western Program Alliance, where we saw an increase in performance and collaboration amongst the team. I cannot thank Renée enough for the support and positive influence over the years.

Tiana Cologna, Project Operations Manager, Mott MacDonald
Renée has a special kind of energy that she is instantly able to engage with a room full of people and keep them with her for a whole day. She is interesting, relevant, funny, caring, relatable, and most of all, thought-provoking. That one day with Renée changed my view on leadership and took me in a different direction as a leader of a People and Culture group. I decided she was the one I wanted to be my coach, to take me on the journey of professional and personal growth and I can say with confidence that I attribute my continued growth and success to Renée. Thank you, Renée for always challenging me to be better, think differently and be a great leader. Your energy brings a special energy to me which others benefit from too. I am lucky to have you as my coach. You couldn’t get a more passionate coach then Renée.
Angie Francis, People & Culture Group Manager, William Adams Pty Ltd

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All workshops are facilitated in a learn and do environment with pre and post-work provided to embed learnings and ensure the program is an experience and not an event!

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