Awaken Career Transition Coaching Program

Are you looking for a career change?

Have you left an organisation and looked at what's next for you?

When did you last take stock and reflect on what really lights you up?

For over two decades, we have coached hundreds of individuals in over 24 industries in transitioning into new roles, new industries or their businesses.

Our Awaken Career Transition program (or ACT) is an invaluable resource for individuals seeking a new job or considering a total career change. The need for such programs arises from the complexities of the modern job market and the desire for individuals to align their skills, motivation, and passions with meaningful and fulfilling careers.

The ACT program offers personalised guidance, support, and expertise from experienced professionals. Our Professional Certified Coaches have experienced numerous transitions in the corporate world in conjunction with branching out and starting their businesses. We help individuals navigate the often-overwhelming transition process with confidence and act.

The tailored program includes self-assessment exercises to understand what truly motivates you, identification of values and vision to goal setting, and leveraging transferable skills to maximise your next opportunity. We also incorporate Emotional Clearing, which has a profound effect on wellbeing and your mindset to be future ready for what’s next.

The benefits of our ACT program extend beyond resume writing and interview preparation; participants also receive mentorship on networking strategies, personal branding, and effective job search techniques, significantly increasing their chances of landing a desired position.
Additionally, the emotional support and encouragement provided during the program help individuals overcome career transitions' inevitable challenges and uncertainties, fostering resilience and adaptability.

Our career transition coaching program is a transformative investment for individuals seeking a fresh start in their professional lives. It empowers them with the self-awareness, skills, and confidence to navigate the dynamic job market, make informed decisions, and secure a fulfilling career that aligns with their passions and aspirations.

“I had the most incredible coaching session with Renee. It included some emotional clearing techniques I had not experienced before.
Renee holds the space beautifully for you to come to the changes and release what is needed.

It was exactly what I needed at a difficult juncture in my life, and I am very grateful for the gentle support I was given.

I highly recommend Renée Giarrusso for any Leadership or Personal Coaching, and I know if you dip your toe in, the results will be exactly what you need.” Mary Jensen, CEO M Power

Renée guidance and coaching have proven invaluable for me over the years. She walks the talk – an energetic and adaptive life-long student, continually growing and combining all the essentials in leadership to captivate, stimulate and educate.

Renée has a unique way of combining all of the Leadership essentials and chunking them into bite-sized pieces for successful and effective “digestible” implementation.

When it comes to coaching, Renee is a vibrant splash of colour – continually inspiring others through her alluring, high energy, yet authentic style.

Renée knows a thing or two about personal resilience and agile ways – her simple yet fresh approach to pushing through the toughest of times will inspire you as it did for me! – Tonia Femia-Regional Manager MLC

The program is for those

  • Transitioning into a new role or industry and ready to act.
  • Seeking a more fulfilling career aligned with their purpose.
  • Exploring the opportunity to start or grow their own business.
  • New to the workforce and looking for ideal career guidance.
  • Going for a promotion and looking for support.
  • Needing to gain more confidence at work.
  • Unhappy in an existing role and ready to look at what’s next.

Awaken Career Transition Coaching Program Inclusions

  • 6 x 75-minute coaching sessions.
    • Taken over a maximum of 12 weeks.
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire.
  • Phone and email support between sessions.
  • iWAM (Inventory of work, attitudes and motivation) assessment.
    • Highlights your true energisers and motivational preferences.
  • Resources to read based on career direction.
  • Feedback on your CV or new business plan.

Transition Coaching Session Structure

The program is tailored to your individual needs and includes a pre-coaching questionnaire.

Session 1 – Reflect

  • Focus on values, mindset, past journey, learnings and purpose.
  • Real time activity and mapping out of these foundational keys to career satisfaction.

Session 2 – Recalibrate

  • Identification of strengths, capability, confidence and motivation.
  • Exploration of industries and roles and resumé review.

Session 3 – Re-energise

Session 4 – Review

  • Brand You – Personal branding review, strategy and plan.
  • Linkedin review and actions to implement.

Session 5 – Reconnect

  • Map out career vision and plan of action.
  • Job search, networking and interview strategies.

Session 6 – Renew

  • Full Emotional Clearing session for wellbeing and focus.
  • Tips and tools to maintain energy and space to finalise a plan.

How ready are you to AWAKEN and be ready for your next career opportunity?

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