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Gift Mindset

Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution.


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  • Is your organisational culture one that is built on sharing challenges and successes?
  • How open are people to sharing the lessons they have learnt with others?
  • How are people connecting and contributing to each others growth and performance?

Imagine creating a Gift Mindset® Culture, one where our biggest lessons come through embracing, not resisting the challenges and successes we experience.

Workplace culture is made up of shared values, beliefs and social behaviours and so often these can be hidden, stifled or not lived within the organisation. The lessons we learn need to be shared to empower others, create openness and trust the process becomes a survival guide for others, including that for future leaders. Renée creates an experience for audiences that will have them asking: How could we not, adopt a Gift Mindset?

Gifts can come in many forms, we just have to be open to seeing them. These lessons can come from people and situations. They can be from the past, the present or the future. By adopting a Gift Mindset® we get to live our legacy now by leading a culture of purpose, connection and contribution. 

The Pathway to a Gift Mindset

Challenging situations and people can be seen as ‘gifts’ that are just as valuable as the amazing positive situations and people we encounter in life. To embrace them, we need to raise our awareness, accept them as gifts and apply the lessons they present both as a limitless leader and in our own life.

Renée has helped thousands of people develop and build on their leadership and mindset to overcome adversity and challenges and to be motivated and ready for success. Her personal stories, processes, insights and practical tools give the audience all they need to step back, become self-aware and unwrap their gifts to create a culture of openness, connection and contribution.

This Gift Mindset® presentation will:

  • Unwrap the Gift Mindset concept and the barriers that get in the way
  • Outline the importance of a Gift Mindset culture
  • Dive into the 4 drivers of a Gift Mindset

  • Provide the G.I.F.T process to embrace challenges and successes as an opportunity to share and learn from each other
  • Tips and stories to reinforce learnings and make this part of the culture moving forward
  • Increase vulnerability, connection and collaboration
  • Embed the habit of sharing experiences to contribute to the wider team
  • Increase communication and promote open dialogue
  • Create an intentional space of openness, learning, trust and appreciation of diversity
  • Foster the sharing of successes and challenges to enable best practice across the organisation and break down the silos
  • Reset beliefs and approach when facing challenges

The 12 Gifts of a Gift Mindset®

12 Stand-alone Keynotes

Creating a culture where we adopt the Gift Mindset can take leadership, connection, and collaboration to the next level. By sharing the experiences and lessons we encounter, we can empower others through our challenges and successes and create a culture of honesty and openness and live our legacy.

There are 12 key Gifts we can master when we adopt a Gift Mindset®. These are all soft skills or what we call “life skills” and are important to build on in any role, including leadership of self and others.

These interactive sessions will explore and expand on the concept of the Gift Mindset® and will then deep dive into each of the 12 gifts. These gifts can be run in any order based on your priority needs. All sessions will take place in a learn and do environment with a plan of application back into the organisation.

RG Dynamics Keynote Gift Mindset

These presentations include:

  • The Gift Mindset® concept and how to adopt it

  • Stories relevant to each gift
  • 6 key strategies to implement
  • The G.I.F.T process to unwrap each Gift
  • Interaction (optional)

Any of the 12 Gifts can be run as a stand-alone keynote OR conference workshop depending on the priority focus and relevance to audience needs.

Renée’s book ‘Gift Mindset”, is a must-read as both a business and personal development tool. She has perfected the art of applying her own self-development stories and those of others to deliver easy to understand and remember methodologies for our own growth.

Applying a growth mindset to our lives is a path to increased self-awareness, happiness and fulfilment as we use her principals to enrich the lives of those around us, in turn, enriching our own!  The “12 Gifts” in “Gift Mindset” are a classic “how to succeed” guide for any budding leader. I suggest you read and practice them often.

Renee Giarrusso - Barry Borzillo Gift Mindset Book Review

Barry Borzillo  
Managing Director and CEO | Intrax Consulting Group  

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