Emotional Capital Reports and Emotional Intelligence Program

Assess and develop the emotional intelligence of your leaders with the ECR.
Transformational Emotional Intelligence assessment and development programmes for leaders and teams.

Technical know-how and skill are not enough to succeed in the role; EQ needs to be a soft skill developed and built on.

90% of the world's top executives have high EQ, and according to the World Economic Forum, it is responsible for up to 63% of overall performance.

At RG Dynamics, we are passionate about incorporating world-class tools to enhance our transformational programs and coaching, and we are delighted to partner with the RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence Platform. We have been educating hundreds of teams in EQ for over 16 years, and the RocheMartin platform and tools complement and align with our philosophy and thinking.

Create future-fit leadership teams that are encouraging, adaptable and resilient – even under pressure. While most businesses are good at optimising practical skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often overlooked. EQ is a key “soft skill” that needs to be deepened and developed and is the new psychology of leadership.

Emotional-social intelligence is a cross-section of interrelated emotional and social competencies, skills and facilitators that determine how effectively we understand and express ourselves, understand others and relate with them, and cope with daily demands” Bar-On 2005

Fire up coaching

Over the last two decades, RocheMartin has become one of the most trusted names in Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness, and leadership. They have authored a suite of exclusive tools and helped some of the world’s most iconic brands adapt and flourish in the digital age.

RocheMartin provides a platform to help individuals, teams, and organisations measure, build and benefit from Emotional Intelligence.

Their flagship assessment, the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and ECR 360, were specifically developed in the organisational context and are based on an analysis of more than fifteen years of scientific research. They represent a significant advancement in the scientific measurement and development of Emotional Intelligence, particularly in professional people.

Global Experience

The RocheMartin platform is used in more than 50 countries by over 2,000 Certified Practitioners. They have helped transform the performance of both individuals and organisations across different cultures and in all sizes of organisations, including some of the world’s best-known brands such as Google, Oracle, Citi Bank and Johnson & Johnson.

This platform has been chosen by Fortune 500s globally to develop and unlock people’s potential. The most successful organisations understand how emotions shape their team’s decisions and actions and use this knowledge to drive performance.

We are thrilled to partner with RocheMartin and bring the Emotional Capital profiling and team workshops to further enhance our clients’ experience and success.

“Developing global leaders with cultural sensitivities and collaborative skills requires greater focus on emotional intelligence, self-awareness call mom and empowerment then on traditional management skills” – Professor Bill George, Harvard Business School

What do organisations strong in Emotional Intelligence look like?

  • They nurture strong, inspiring leaders.
  • Build rock-solid teams that are connected.
  • Utilise insight and empathy as powerful connecting tools. EQ profiling and training enable work teams to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how this impacts group dynamics.
  • Help every team member reach their full potential.
  • They empower executives to recognise their strengths and become more self-aware, instilling a passion for learning that drives continual improvement.
  • Create an authentic business culture.
  • Find it easier to define company beliefs and embed them in professional conduct. A vibrant company culture will nurture strong employee relationships and increase staff retention rates.
  • Encourage team members to understand their colleagues better through EQ and bring out the best in people and celebrate unique skills and strengths.
  • Recruit and retain top talent.
  • See EQ as a valuable recruitment assessment tool and a means of accelerating employees’ career progression.

All these skills and behaviours are underpinned by building the 10 key EQ behaviours that the Emotional Capital Report measures with 360 feedback and strategies to drive peak performance.

The report identifies and expands on the 10 competencies, including:

  • Inner Focus: Self-knowing, ​Self-control, Self-confidence, and Self-reliance
  • Outer Focus: Adaptability, Optimism, Self-actualisation
  • Other focus: Empathy, Relationship skills and Straightforwardness

Develop Emotional Intelligence in your leaders, teams, and overall business culture.

The benefits of Emotionally fit cultures:

Leadership Development

Decades of scientific research points to the fact that the most effective leaders are those with high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They build much more effective professional relationships. They understand their colleague’s motivations. They can have difficult conversations that lead to positive outcomes.

All these skills are underpinned by building the EQ behaviours that drive peak performance.

Enhance leadership potential

By completing the Emotional Capital Report and ECR 360, leaders enhance self-awareness of their Emotional Intelligence and get a broader perspective on how others within their organisation view their behaviour. This gives them the insight they need to understand key strengths and address areas they need to develop to become better leaders. With the proper support through a feedback session and ongoing face-to-face and virtual coaching, each leader will get the right practical learning strategies and tactics they need to reach their full leadership potential.

Cultural Transformation

Culture begins with a company’s purpose and values, which attract and inspire the right team members and establish the strength of sustained competitive advantage.

Leaders create culture, but the problem many companies have is how to operationalise these values into practical behaviours and embed them in company culture to define the ‘way we do business.’

Creating behavioural frameworks is a good step toward that, but there must be the practical element of showing employees how to develop those behaviours.

Reinvigorate and transform your culture

The Emotional Capital Report and associated training methods are used to reinvigorate and transform cultures within organisations.

 The ECR provides the most robust platform for operationalising key behaviours but is also the most compelling framework for engaging people to make the personal commitment necessary to improve performance.

Diversity & Inclusion

Before a team can work well, the people in it must feel psychologically safe with one another to cooperate. This is achieved by establishing an environment where they are committed to understanding each other and know each person is valued.

This, in turn, allows each person to feel secure enough not to have to dominate others or take the lead when they can see another person could do it better. In other words, this requires a level of trust that only a high Emotional Intelligence can establish.

Build the inclusivity and provide the framework

The Emotional Capital framework provides the building blocks of the behaviours needed to create the most inclusive environment.
From creating self-awareness to increasing empathy, Emotional Intelligence provides the development potential to support your Diversity and Inclusion program.

Wellness & Wellbeing

From a psychological point of view, virtually all mental health issues involve an inability to manage and regulate emotions. Distressing and unmanageable emotions, for example, are central to mood and anxiety disorders, as well as ADHD.

Emotional Intelligence focuses on emotional regulation and provides one of the best frameworks for building cultures that positively protect people in the workplace.

Support employee mental health and wellbeing

Research on EQ and mental health using the Emotional Intelligence Report showed that a person’s total score for EQ was positively related to their ability to cope with daily demands and pressures.

The ECR scales of Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance and Adaptability were strongly related to independent measures of self-esteem and wellbeing.
The development of these competencies supports positive mood, resilience, responsible action, and psychological flexibility, which are the important hallmarks of mental health.

Recruitment & Selection

Research demonstrates the superior value of psychological profiling accompanying the interview process in predicting and describing an individual and a team's performance.

A growing number of studies show that recruiting and selecting people based on Emotional Intelligence produces superior results compared to traditional approaches that rely on technical knowledge and cognitive ability alone.

Identify talent and hire high-performing individuals

RocheMartin’s ECR Selection Report is a world-first that combines psychometric profiling with semi-structured behavioural interviewing to deliver a more accurate and reliable assessment. It is an effective tool that can be used by HR professionals and Learning & Development teams for talent identification and selecting high-performing employees.

Empowering Sales Teams

Technology has changed the traditional sales process by providing customers with greater access to product and industry information. It has also lowered the barriers to entry into the market, intensifying competition.

Product knowledge and an impressive sales pitch are no longer enough. Today the emotional experience of buying from a vendor is more important than products and price alone.

Sales professionals must know how to manage their own emotions and be skilful at managing the emotions of others intelligently to win the sale.

Build better relationships and accelerate sales performance

The role of emotions is so ingrained in the sales and buying process that they cannot be disregarded.

Emotional Intelligence represents the very best framework for understanding and changing behaviour, including buyer behaviour, based on understanding and managing how emotions work.

Smart sales professionals train in Emotional Intelligence to help them sell more successfully.

Are you ready to develop Emotional Fitness in your leaders and organisation?


  • The Emotional Capital Report
  • The Emotional 360 Report (Multi-Rater)
  • Emotional Intelligence Team Program
  • Emotional Intelligence Sort Cards


  • Draws on the emotional and social competencies identified by Goleman (1995) and Bar-On (1997) in their respective benchmark models
  • Designed to measure an individual’s emotional intelligence as it pertains to effective leadership

The report identifies and expands on the 10 competencies including:

  • Inner Focus: self-knowing, ​self-control, self-confidence, and self-reliance
  • Outer Focus: adaptability, optimism, self-actualisation
  • Other focus: empathy, relationship skills and straightforwardness

Your Menu to Emotional Fitness

The Emotional Capital Report

This development tool provides a comprehensive interpretation of an individual’s leadership potential, derived from their Emotional Capital scores.

It includes a total Emotional Capital Score, scores on 10 emotional and social competencies that are linked to effective leadership and provides a score on a validity scale.

This report also contains:

  • Narrative descriptions of the leadership behaviours associated with each score
  • A validity scale that measures positive response bias
  • Coaching strategies for developing emotional intelligence and leadership
  • An action plan for designing a personal blueprint to build emotional capital

The Emotional Capital Report 360 (Multi-Rater)

This report includes the full Emotional Capital Report and includes nominated
colleagues’ ratings to provide a “360-degree” perspective in conjunction with self-responses.
Extremely powerful and rigorous, this report includes both self-responses and colleagues’ responses, giving the individual a complete view of their emotional fitness.

The ECR 360 can be used within:

  • Individual coaching
    • 1:1 program
    • One-off debrief
  • Team workshops
  • Leadership programs

Emotional Intelligence Program in 3 Phases

  • Immersion 1 Workshop
    • All attendees are ECR profiled prior to the workshop
    • The workshop is facilitated (1-2 days)
    • Team debrief (optional)
  • Immersion 2 1:1 Debriefs
    • Everyone to receive a 1:1 full ECR debrief
    • Results discussed
    • Action plan to implement
  • Immersion 3 Group Mentoring
    • 4 weeks post 1:1 debriefs
    • Builds accountability and sharing
    • Open Q&A

How the program runs:
This suggested framework includes running the program via 3 key elements.
The program framework, duration and mode are tailored to your organisational objectives and will be tailored to align with your objectives.

The RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report 360 (ECR) is the backbone of this interactive and thought-provoking team program.
The workshop takes place in 3 phases, and the content, mode of delivery and duration are tailored to your organisational objectives.

Key themes:

  • The process of mindset and self-awareness
  • Controlling inner dialogue
  • Mindfulness and EQ
  • Emotional Intelligence and why it matters in leadership
  • The Emotional Capital Model and background
  • Explore and expand on the 10 competencies, including:
    • Inner Focus: self-knowing, ​self-control, self-confidence, and self-reliance
    • Outer Focus: adaptability, optimism, self-actualisation
    • Other focus: empathy, relationship skills and straightforwardness
  • Explanation and skills practice of each competency with ECR cards
  • Debrief on individual ECR results

Emotional Intelligence Sort Cards

These powerful cards are utilised in the Emotional Intelligence Team workshop to
encourage discussion, insight, and further exploration of the 10 competencies of EQ
These cards are a great resource that can be purchased to use individually or in teams
to further explore and expand on learnings and create momentum in building a highly
emotional intelligent organisation.

Our Emotional Capital Reports and Emotional Intelligence training programmes are proven to transform the leadership and employee behaviours needed to drive exceptional business performance.

Transform an individual, team or whole organisation by accessing the Emotional Capital Reports and team workshops.

Emotional Intelligence has been proven to deliver consistent results in high-pressure and complex business environments. As we lead and work in a hybrid environment, EQ needs to be consistently developed and built.

Emotionally intelligent leaders flow onto emotionally intelligent teams and workplace culture.

Contact us to discover the diverse ways our Emotional Intelligence, for individual and team solutions, can benefit your entire organisation.