Virtual & Hybrid Solutions

We offer virtual and hybrid training and coaching solutions and have run hundreds of sessions like this.

All of our in-house workshop programs and group and 1:1 Coaching sessions can be run virtually or in a hybrid setting where we run programs face-to-face with remote participants attending from a virtual platform such as Zoom or Teams.

All of these sessions are highly interactive and are run in real-time with a real facilitator and are matched to your needs and geography of participants.

All programs include a welcome pack and a tailored workshop session manual that participants can print off or edit on-screen.

Please refer to our Programs and Coaching and Mentoring for more information.

What Our Clients Say

Renee ran a series of virtual workshops for SPC at the onset of COVID and working from home. Renee was fantastic to work with, from custom-designing the workshops to meet our needs, through to the delivery, and participant documentation/ post-workshop support. The topics ranged from working from home mindset, collaboration, communication and personal branding (to name a few). We had excellent participant engagement and feedback. Thanks, Renee, my team and I really enjoyed working with you, and we highly value your expertise. I can’t wait to work with you again. (and meet you in person!)
Amanda McRoy, Senior Human Resources Leader, SPC
Renee’s Building Blocks workshops supported and inspired our members during challenging times this year. Her 6-workshop series provided ready-to-use strategies on topics such as energising working from home, building emotional intelligence and building your own personal brand. Renee’s genuinely friendly and dynamic approach encouraged everyone to take part and feel safe to share their stories. After attending the first workshop, we saw many members booking in for the whole series. We’ve found a warm and engaging presenter, who is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to an ongoing collaboration.
Ingrid Mountford, Careers and Registration Manager at Master Builders Association of Australia

I was always in awe of Renee’s ability to command a room and get people engaged—especially in a virtual environment. It was for this reason that I attended her Virtual Limitless Leaders Masterclass to enhance the leadership processes of my company. Renee’s ability to deliver a range of effective and practical leadership strategies from a range of psychological principles is both extremely impressive and invaluable. As a doctoral student in psychology, I can appreciate the level of skill and knowledge that goes into producing real-life strategies from theory that actually work, which is a testament to her experience, intellect and level of skill. The course was very interactive and allowed us to gain strategies from Renee that were tailored to our specific needs. I have immediately begun implementing these strategies within my work and found her approach to communication and rapport building especially valuable. A “Genuine expert’ is the phrase that came to mind about Renee when I completed her virtual class.

Daniella Taranto, Managing Director, Recom Cleaning Pty Ltd

Interested in boosting connection, skill and growth in your team?

Virtual Bites Series

Virtual Bites are 1.5-hour skill pill sessions designed around topics relevant to YOUR organisation or business.

Highly interactive and engaging these sessions create learning, boost motivation and ensure connection and collaboration when working remotely or onsite.

Exercises are done in real time and shared making the experience dynamic and fun. Questioning and input via the chat box is highly encouraged and creates engagement.

We run these sessions as a series of 6 over 12 sessions to ensure momentum and application of learning back on the job.

Hybrid Workshops are the future…

What You Get

6 or 12×1.5 Hr Sessions

Run via Zoom or Teams

Tailored Design of Session

Session welcome pack including workbook


Sessions are tailored to your business objectives and needs. Examples of some of the sessions we have run to date with many clients.

Leading a Hybrid Workforce

The 8 fundamentals to make the psychological and physical shift Online program also available here.

Mindset Matters

Mastering out thoughts, feelings and actions through self-awareness and control

Limitless Leadership

The 3 C’s to lead self, others and organisation & creating balanced leadership

Cut Through Communication

Tools, insights and thinking to communicate deeply

The Gift of Resilience

The 6 keys of resilience and how to lead in challenging times

Connection to Collaborate

Ways to connect with self and team and connection hacks to collaborate

Leading through a Hybrid Environment

Ways and tools to lead remote and onsite teams

Reviewing & Renewing Habits

Understand the process of a habit and creating ones that serve

Productive Leadership

Creating transparency, collaboration and productivity working from anywhere

The Gift Mindset

Sharing the lessons learnt through challenges and successes

Relationship Building through Emotional Intelligence

The 4 areas of EI and how to apply this (survey included)

Self-Management to Manage Time

The 8 dimensions to manage self and increase energy, headspace and time

Connect with Renée and her team to see how we can work together and bring your virtual experience to life.