Cook & Connect 1-Day Team Building Retreat 

Ignite Your Team's Energy!

Give your team the ultimate permission to pause and reconnect with purpose.

Welcome to an Extraordinary Corporate Retreat Experience!

Unlock your team's potential with our exclusive 1-day corporate retreat that will leave a lasting impact on your organisation. Designed to inspire, ignite reflection, and foster team synergy, our retreat offers an unforgettable day of growth and rejuvenation.

  • Imagine a day dedicated to reconnection and re-energising in the stunning backdrop of the Yarra Valley.

  • Picture a team immersed, in an Italian cooking class, savouring a delicious lunch, and engaging in a thought-provoking discovery workshop.

This is the “PAUSE” experience, tailor-made for corporate teams like yours.

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In the fast-paced new world of work, technology, hybrid environments and bottom-line pressure, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and disengaged with our colleagues and loved ones.

Our well-being and that of those we work with is of top priority. This 1-day retreat is a multi-faceted way to reward those in your business and show them you care with the benefit of deeper change, connection, and an experience all will remember.

Escape the hustle and bustle of the corporate world as you immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of our retreat location. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, our tranquil setting provides the ideal backdrop for introspection and reflection. Away from distractions, your team will find the space and peace needed to connect on a deeper level, fostering stronger relationships and building a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the retreat.

NOW is the time to invest in a day to take stock and connect outside the workplace.

By stepping away from the daily grind, your team can recharge, reflect, and return to work with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

This 1-day retreat assists in providing clarity of identity, aligned purpose, and the discovery of secrets to revitalising your mind, body, and spirit.

This retreat is perfect for …

  • Teams seeking to reconnect outside the workplace and strengthen their bonds.
  • Leaders and executives looking for a unique team experience that rewards and renews.
  • Teams in need of a pause to honour their well-being and overall resilience.
  • Those ready to make this year their most successful and fulfilling year yet.

What the retreat delivers …

  • An immersive and fun way to reconnect away from the office.
  • Acquisition of new skills and innovative thinking.
  • A safe space to pause, recharge, and refuel your overall well-being.
  • An environment where titles are left at the door, fostering genuine connections.
  • The power of cooking and sharing a meal as a team-building experience.
  • An immersive workshop with practical strategies to implement immediately.

Your retreat includes …

  • A 3-hour hands-on Italian cooking class, igniting your culinary skills.
  • A mouth-watering 3-course lunch paired with a glass of fine wine.
  • Intimate workshop immersions that will transform your mindset and energy.
  • Session materials are provided for your enhanced learning experience.
  • A complimentary copy of Renee's award-winning book, “Gift Mindset®.”
  • Please note each retreat is capped at 20 people.

Retreat Agenda …

The day will kick off with a fun and immersive Italian Cooking class where you will prepare a 3-course feast for lunch!

Unleash creativity and collaboration

Embrace a unique opportunity to unleash the collective brilliance of your team. Our retreat encourages out-of-the-box thinking, fosters creativity, and promotes collaboration among participants. Engaging in experiential exercises and interactive sessions, your team will learn to tap into their individual strengths, explore new ideas, and work together harmoniously towards shared goals. The result? A more innovative and cohesive team ready to tackle any challenge.


  • Master your Mindset – Unlock the power of controlling your mindset and harnessing its potential.

  • Embrace your Gifts – Discover the Gift Mindset and unlock your unique timeline of achievements.

  • Values and Beliefs – Bring your personal values to life and shift from limiting to limitless beliefs.

  • Set Boundaries – Recreate boundaries and establish your empowered ‘No' list.


  • Food as Connection – Experience the profound connection that food fosters with ourselves and others.

  • Indulge and Connect – Prepare and savour a delightful 3-course Italian lunch together.

  • Whole Self-Connection – Unleash strategies for balancing head, heart, and intuition in your personal and professional life.


  • Awaken your Energy Within – Immerse yourself in this dynamic session (run by Shaun Tucker).

  • Tools for Burnout Prevention – Uncover practical tools to prevent burnout and sustain your energy daily.

  • What Lights You Up? – Identify what brings you joy and learn how to infuse it into your work and personal life. Identify your vampires (drainers) Vs. Ignitors (illuminators).

  • Goal Setting – Craft inspiring goals and develop a plan to make them a reality.

  • Big Word – Walk away with your powerful Big Word that brings balance, aligned decision-making and fulfilment.

  • Ideal Day – Create your ideal day, so you know who you need to become and what you need to do to ‘have' it.

Having abundant energy is essential for peak performance, both physically and mentally. When our cup is full, we can excel in all areas of life, including the workplace. Life can be chaotic and stressful, leaving us feeling like we're spinning plates. But just like a battery, we need to recharge and replenish to thrive.

Expert facilitators and tailored programs

Our retreat is led by sought after leadership, mindset and communication expert Renée Giarrusso and guest speaker, health and wellness expert Shaun Tucker. Both bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of team dynamics. With their guidance, your team will embark on a transformative journey tailored to your organisation's unique needs. Our retreats are thoughtfully designed to maximise engagement and learning, ensuring that every moment spent at the retreat contributes to personal and professional growth.

Give yourself permission to pause on this 1-day retreat.
Invest in your team and unlock the true potential that lies within.

Attendees have their say

  • It was really good, a means of pausing to reflect, recharge and look at things with a different lens. I also felt that the meditation exercise was good. – Dane
  • I found Renée very easy to communicate with, and she presented very well. Renée was happy to share her experiences with us and very informative on the subjects she spoke about. – David Parsons
  • Calming – Tim Westwood
  • Renee was a great facilitator, providing many options and ideas on creating greater balance and integration of work and personal life. It was a perfect opportunity to reflect and build stronger connections with colleagues over making delicious pasta, which was thoroughly enjoyed. – Zara
  • Renee knows her stuff. She is very well spoken. Receptive of people's comments during training. – Mel Senda
  • The retreat was an excellent balance between fun and content. It is always getting out of the day-to-day to spend time with your colleagues. Renee is an engaging facilitator, and the content was helpful as we reflected on our year whilst focusing on the coming year. – Malcolm Davies
  • Renee was super knowledgeable and very good at getting everyone comfortable straight off the bat. Renee provided some amazing life skills and super useful tips for coping with stress, personality types and getting the most out of every day. It was a great session; the bonding and the selflessness acquired while cooking with a partner really gave perspective to what is important and letting down the typical “business” guard. It was a super helpful session I got a lot out of it and would highly recommend it to anyone. – Joe De Maria
  • Renee was very engaging and insightful across the subject matter. She was able to ensure all participants felt included and given the space to be involved. She really connected to the subject matter and the group. It is enjoyable to build some connections through teamwork and fun. The link to food was very enjoyable. – Cameron
  • This was a well facilitated day of reflection, bonding, sharing and fun. – Glenn
  • Curious, tailored, experienced, insightful and Energetic – David Harris
  • Renee was extremely approachable and made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. She got people to open up more than they probably usually do which was great to see. – Penny Shearman

Ready to connect and re-energise?
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Please note:

As each retreat is a unique experience, we can tailor the afternoon workshop sessions to include any key focus areas you may have relevant at the time.

We create an intimate and safe space, so therefore, we limit the retreat to 20 people with a minimum of 8.

The retreat is 1 day in duration; if you are looking to extend this to 1-3 day off-site, please advise us, and we will customise this to suit your needs with additional workshops, facilitated sessions and keynotes.

Your Hosts!

Renée Giarrusso is a highly sought-after communication, leadership and mindset expert.

She is the founder and CEO of RG Dynamics and Limitless Leadership, with her sole purpose of making workplaces better places to work. She is a professional educator, speaker, International award-winning author, facilitator and coach (PCC). She and her team work with leaders, teams and organisations to energise mindset and accelerate communication, collaboration and leadership to lift performance and culture.

Renée's diverse experience is mirrored in the network and clients she attracts. Industries include building & construction, telco, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), food & beverage, professional services, barcoding, retail, real estate, manufacturing, NFP, consumer durables, engineering, government, automotive, electronics and many more.

Shaun Tucker is a dynamic business leader specialising in Health & Wellness. With a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern Health Science, Shaun guides individuals to optimise their energy, becoming the custodians of their health and well-being. His pioneering approach has led to life-changing outcomes for countless clients, blending mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and movement. Shaun's expertise will revolutionise your perspective on holistic health, empowering you to unlock your full potential.