Mapping Motivation for Team Success

Research shows that attitude and motivation can account for more than 60 per cent of the formula for the job and organisational success.

Imagine understanding what really motivates yourself and your team?

A collaborative team requires a deep understanding of each other's strengths and motivations to leverage the collective team to maximise performance and deepen relationships and team culture.

To effectively connect and communicate, we need to understand what lights each other up and create the space to appreciate and leverage our differences.

The highly interactive workshop “Mapping Motivation for Team Success” targets the above objectives by identifying all participants' motivators before the workshop using the iWAM tool (Inventory of Work, Attitudes and Motivations). This profound tool looks at the 20 sets of motivations we all have at work and the order in which they energise or demotivate us. It also gives the language and communication style to adapt and apply the learnings back in the workplace.

This program takes individuals and teams from being submerged and may be unaware of the things that motivate them and others at work to a conscious understanding of this and ways to drive the things that light them and others up.

The model below gives you an overview of the shift this program creates.

Mapping Motivation For Team Success

Mapping Motivation for Team Success

Audience: Teams at any level up to 20 participants

Duration: 1-day workshop with post session 1:1 debriefs

Working with hundreds of teams we find many face these challenges:

  • Lack of understanding of what really motivates themselves, their team and external stakeholders.

  • Depleted energy and awareness of what really drives their action and motivation.

  • A lack of a process and forum to identify, appreciate and leverage the different team strengths.

  • A breakdown in communication and motivational intelligence.

  • An ability to build rapport quickly and easily, and have cut through conversations that matter.

  • Constant focus on dealing with and embracing change.

  • The inability to tap in and satisfy motivations.

  • Blurred focus on how to work better as a team, with a teaming approach.

Key outcomes of the workshop are decided upon and aligned to current business and team objectives. All participants must complete the iWAM questionnaire before the workshop. The workshop will incorporate team, paired activities and a real work scenario with follow-up and an action plan to ensure learnings are utilised ongoing and results are actionable.

Key program themes:

  • Understanding motivation and its importance.

  • Identifying what really drives and motivates individuals at work.

  • Exploration of ways to do more of what you are good at and enjoy.

  • Understanding what motivates others, including internal and external stakeholders and the language to build deeper connection and collaboration.

  • Appreciation and leveraging of each other's differences and diversity to build a strength-based team.

  • Communicating to tap into what drives others though virtual and face to face modes.

  • Tap into what motivates others and satisfy these preferences to maximise results as one team!

We will do this by:

  • Completing the iWAM questionnaire before the workshop.

  • Understanding your own motivators and how to ensure we get these preferences at work.

  • Hands-on practice on complementing your colleagues' motivators.

  • Questioning techniques to identify the motivations of others.

Mapping Motivation For Team Success

This program is designed for the leader and their team or cross-functional teams looking to understand their own and others' strengths and motivation at work. By understanding these motivators, you can complement each other, learn the language to motivate each other, do what you love and enjoy, not just what you are good at! Learnings can be applied to internal and external stakeholders to build deeper connection, rapport and influence.

It is a powerful workshop to build a high performing team or reinvigorate a team that may have gone through new management, team change, or an organisational transition.

WE suggest 1:1 post-workshop debriefs to reinforce learnings and application to role, team and organisation.


Mapping Motivation 4 Success

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Ready for your team to raise their motivation, understand each other and do what really energises them now?

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