Are you looking for a program tailored to your organisational needs, in your language and delivered dynamically with a focus on learning transfer back on the job? If the answer is yes, you have landed in the right place.

Our experience, reputation and passion are built on running highly interactive and dynamic transformational programs based around your needs and objectives. We believe in transformational programs that result in change versus transactional one-off events. We design programs specifically for your organisation so that it will satisfy your objectives and tap into the style and culture of those attending.

The Process

  • We start by understanding your business, current challenges and what is already working well.

  • We then consult with you on key objectives, success outcomes, modes of delivery and key indicators that will ensure a successful program.

  • A proposal is then written outlining process, ideas, investment and suggested next steps.

  • The program is designed, and dates are confirmed, pre-work is sent to participants to get the workshop ‘top of mind’ and get participants ready to contribute.

  • The program is facilitated as planned with post-workshop follow up and actions set after the workshop.

We have run thousands of programs in over 25 industries, and the most successful ones come from setting clear objectives right at the start with a vision of what success looks like after the workshop. This is fundamental to ensuring the content; hands-on activities, and skills pieces that match the team or division's needs and motivation.

All of our programs can be run face to face, virtually or as a hybrid immersion (a mix of face to face and virtual). Many clients choose a mix of the two delivery modes to enable flexibility and a dynamic learning experience where learnings are reinforced and embedded in the organisation.

People always tell us that time flies during these programs and that it doesn’t feel like work!

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