Strengthscope™ helps people unleash their true potential. It’s the first step to understand the qualities that energise and strengthen individuals genuinely. It can help you discover how to apply strengths at work and achieve exceptional performance. 

For many individuals, clearly expressing what makes them unique and recognising the opportunities to use strengths in the workplace is a challenge. As humans, we naturally focus on weaknesses or what’s missing – think about it, it’s ingrained from our past! Think back to your school reports and how much you were told about what you needed to improve on. 

Strengthscope™ is designed to clearly identify distinctive strengths at work – ways of thinking, feeling, and expressing emotions that energise and strengthen individuals. It focuses on helping individuals build awareness and confidence in their strengths, while also providing powerful insights around risks to performance associated with weaker areas and strengths in overdrive (when used ineffectively). 

We find that by helping leaders and executives optimise their strengths and identify strategies to deal with, performance risks improves their effectiveness, confidence, engagement, agility and well-being.

At RG Dynamics, we use the Strengthscope tool within our:

  • Limitless Leaders™ and team programs
  • One on one coaching programs
  • Group and team mentoring programs

We also assist our clients in using Strengthscope in their teams so that the learnings are applied and leveraged ongoing.

What Happens When We Focus On Strengths?

So much of what we do in performance management is focussed on what can be improved and what needs to be done better – in other words, the things that aren’t going right.

By shifting our focus to our strengths, we, in turn, increase engagement and performance, and research shows people feel more positive and solutions-oriented.

Increase in engagement.

Employee performance increase.

Felt more positive and solutions-orientated.

Employee performance is on average 36% higher when line managers focus their appraisals on the strength and talents of staff. 

Here’s a short video about how the strengths approach towards people management drives positive cultures and peak performance.

Why Strengthscope?


  • Most extensive strengths profiling system on the market
  • The only strengths profiling system with a multi-rater feature enabling co-workers to provide feedback in minutes
  • Simple to administer, understand and apply
  • Wide range of tools and solutions to embed learning
  • Excellent reliability and validity
  • Enables clients to measure return on investment


Strengthscope is quality designed and meets the best-practice psychometric standards.

The model uses strengths that are closest to performance at work matched against 4 key areas:

  • Thinking – High-quality analysis and decision making
  • Execution – Delivery of results
  • Emotional – effective management of emotions
  • Relational – engaging productive relationships

With a total of 24 strengths, it identifies what we call your 7 signature strengths

There are a variety of reports to choose from and each report clearly outlines the qualities that energise individuals (strengths). It allows individuals and teams to develop a better understanding of their distinctive strengths – the ‘Significant Seven’ strengths and each report is full of tips on how to maximise performance at work.

The reports are clear, visually appealing and easy to digest, leaving less room for confusion. The awareness developed from completing a Strengthscope report is useful in everyday work practices – it improves hiring and selection decisions, performance and development conversations, enhances personal leadership along with coaching and mentoring practices. Developing strengths mean that you develop the confidence to handle challenges when they come your way.


This is designed for individual development and performance improvement and shows:

  • The person’s significant strengths or underlying qualities which most energise them
  • Their potential weaker areas and overdone/overused strengths
  • How effectively the person feels they are able to use their strengths at work
  • Coaching questions and tips on how to use their strengths more effectively


Individuals complete the standard questionnaire and select up to eight nominees to provide feedback on their Significant 7 strengths. It takes nominees approximately 5 minutes to complete their part and this feedback provides individuals with information about their use of strengths at work.


Additional questions about the team can sit within each questionnaire. A separate team report aggregates the results from providing insights into the team’s collective strengths and what’s required for future success.

The Strengthscope® system deliberately shines the spotlight on a person’s strengths but doesn’t ignore weaknesses.

It provides people with insights around risks to performance, including weaker areas and overdone or overused strengths, to enable them to maximise their chances of success.

Ready to optimise a strength-based team and organisation?

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