Conference & Off-site Workshops

These interactive sessions can be run in conjunction with your nominated keynote presentation or as a stand-alone run at team off-site meetings and conferences. They are a great way to reinforce learnings and make your event even more impactful. 

With over 25 years both as a senior leader and working with thousands of leaders, Renée has the experience, wisdom and reputation for running workshops that transform, energise, inform and inspire. Renée has facilitated thousands of programs and her high energy and ability to captivate a room will have participants buzzing with insight, energy and new ways of thinking. 

The 12 Gifts of a Gift Mindset®

These interactive sessions will explore and expand on the concept of the Gift Mindset® and will then deep dive into each of the 12 gifts which are all important traits or “soft skills” to master in any role.

Each workshop session has a focus on your chosen gift. All sessions will take place in a learn and do environment with a plan of action back into the organisation.

The workshop includes:

  • The importance of the Gift Mindset

  • How to adopt the Gift Mindset

  • Stories relevant to each gift

  • 6 key strategies to implement

  • The G.I.F.T process to unwrap each Gift

  • Interaction and sharing

The Gift Mindset™
Renée’s enthusiasm for coaching, leading and mentoring is all about taking you, your team on a journey of discovering self and leading your team to higher results.
The delivery from Renée is always on point and comes from a place of wanting people to succeed at work and life in general. I can’t recommend Renée highly enough if you want to improve self and to take your business and teams to the next level.

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Tony Gall, Regional Sales Manager-North, Metricon Homes
Renée facilitated a dynamic and interactive workshop. It was a gift of practical tools that can be applied to lead teams and lead self. Renée created a fun and safe space for people to connect and learn from other like-minded individuals across different industries. Thank you, Renée for a high impact day that has inspired action.
Stav Vafeas, Head of People & Performance at AWPL
Skill Pill

Skill Pill Workshops

These interactive and hands on workshops have a focus on the key challenges and topics that are relevant to your organisation, right now. 

What you get:

  • 1-3 hour session
  • Content and focus tailored to your objectives and timeframe
  • Run face to face or virtually via Zoom
  • All sessions include a session manual

These sessions are highly dynamic and interactive with an action plan to embed to ensure accountability and that learnings stick, post workshop.

Supercharge Working Remotely

The 8 fundamentals to make the psychological and physical shift leading and working from anywhere

Emotional Intelligence to Build Relationships

The 4 key areas of EI and 8 key traits to build upon, includes survey and results.

The Gift Mindset®

Any one of the 12 gifts can be workshopped as outlined above.

Limitless Leadership – Lead From the Inside Out

Leadership position and the 3C’s-Commit, communicate and connect.

Cut Through Communication

Tools and tips to build rapport, communicate and take relationships and interactions to the next level.

Mindset Matters

Understanding the power of mindset, the 3 facets of self-awareness and how to control it our thoughts and results.

Feedback to Feed Forward

Build a feedback centric culture and learn to empower and develop others in real-time with easy to apply models and practice.

Review and Renew Habits

Understand the process of habits and review and renew these to progress forward.

Embracing the Courageous Conversation

Unlock the process and mindset change to deal with and manage conflict.

Brand You – Your Brand

Understand yourself as a brand, create your positioning pitch and gain an insight into various social media platforms with a plan of action.

Coaching & Mentoring to Lead

Build a coach centric culture by understanding the benefits and process to adopt, practice and action.

Balanced Leadership

Create balance in 3 key areas: people, activity and self-growth.

The 8 Dimensions of Self-Management

Understanding time eaters and how to maximise the 8 dimensions of time.

What Our Clients Say

Renée’s character, drive, passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Renée’s knowledge and expertise has helped me develop as an individual for over 5 years. Through the Limitless Leaders programme, I have seen a positive shift across two organisations. Most recently, Renée rolled out the Limitless Leaders programme on Western Program Alliance, where we saw an increase in performance and collaboration amongst the team. I cannot thank Renée enough for the support and positive influence over the years.
Tiana Cologna, Project Operations Manager, Mott MacDonald
Renée is a highly energetic and engaging speaker, facilitator and coach who demonstrates passion for her subject matter. She will work in your business to embed tools and practices to build capability and strengthen organisational performance. Renée’s style is polished but down to earth, she is adaptable and highly organised. I would thoroughly recommend Renée to work with and add value to your business.
Karen Littlepage, CPHR – Chief People & Culture Officer at GS1 Australia
Renée has a special kind of energy that she is instantly able to engage with a room full of people and keep them with her for a whole day. She is interesting, relevant, funny, caring, relatable and most of thought-provoking. That one day with Renée changed my view on leadership and took me in a different direction as a leader of a People and Culture group. Thank you, Renée, for always challenging me to be better, think differently and be a great leader. Your energy brings a special energy to me which others benefit from too, I am lucky to have you. You couldn’t get a more passionate person then Renée.
Angie Francis, People & Culture – Group Manager William Adams Pty Ltd
Renée is the quintessential leadership coaching professional that continually leads by example – captivating, authentic, inspirational & creative. She walks the talk – an energetic and adaptive life-long leadership student, continually growing and combining all of the essential leadership learnings to captivate, stimulate and educate. Reneé’s Skill Pills have been inspirational – they help you to chunk down all the essentials of Leadership, Collaboration & Growth Mindset and she delivers them with such authenticity & creativity

Renée has a unique way of combining all of the Leadership essentials and chunking them down into bite sized pieces for successful and effective “digestible” implementation.

Renée is a vibrant splash of colour in a desert of “vanilla” – continually inspiring others through her alluring, high energy yet authentic style.

Tony Femia, State Manager VIC WA & SA, MLC-Retail Insurance Distribution

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