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Leading and working within a remote team is unfamiliar for many people and is my sole purpose for creating a simple online resource to tap into. I have personally led teams remotely and worked remotely for over two decades and the good news is as much as it can be challenging it can be productive, collaborative and rewarding.


Have you shifted from working on site to remotely?

Have you shifted from working on site to remotely

Do you feel…

  • Overwhelmed by the change
  • Isolated from your team and colleagues
  • Communication and connection are stifled
  • Challenged to get you head around a new way of working
  • Your old habits and routines are no longer serving you
  • Unsure of where to start or what to do next
  • Distracted by the remote work environment
  • Frustrated by technology
  • Out of the loop

Take a breath. You are in the right place, where you can invest in the time and headspace to adapt, adjust and amplify new ways of thinking and working. This requires us to take a psychological and physical shift in how we think and what we do. This 8 module self-paced course provides tools, insights, videos, thought provoking exercises and quizzes to bring the learnings to life.

Working within a remote team is fast becoming part of the new normal due to the accessibility of technology, better working practices and a downturn in the need to invest in expensive offices. Some businesses access all they need from a backpack. Whoever would have thought this was even possible?

What Our Clients Say

The Compliance Lab team and I completed the Supercharge Working Remotely online course with Renée during the COVID-19 lockdown period. This course was just what we needed during this time where we were working from home. This course provided us with practical tools, insights and activities that you can do individually and as a team. The module topics covered the key challenges such as the need to adapt and adjust our psychology, technology and the physical shift in the working environment. My team and I really enjoyed working with you, and we highly value your expertise!

Hazel Smirlis, CEO, Founder of Compliance Lab

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