Skill Pill

Skill Pills

Are you looking for a dynamic, time saving and cost-effective approach to equip your organisation with cutting edge thinking, new ideas, tools and learnings that can be applied back on the job in under half a day?

How many programs do you run that become a one-off event where learnings don’t stick and aren’t embedded back in the workplace?

We hear your pain. It can be frustrating investing time and money in programs that are transactional and not transformational, where learnings remain known and not actioned.

That’s why we have created ….. Skill Pills.

This dynamic and tailored learning approach consists of individual 2-3 hour immersions or workshop sessions we call Skill Pills. These sessions can be a support in between the programs we run to ensure learnings are embedded and applied OR the Skill Pills can be introduced as a stand-alone program.

These immersions of insight, discussion and practical tools are bought to life-based on what is needed and top of mind in your organisation right NOW! 

Skill Pills can be run as often as required. They can be run to up to 100 participants (face to face) or 500 (virtually), creating a rich and interactive learning environment whilst maximising return on investment. All sessions cover content brought to life with hands-on skills practice and discussion with an action plan to implement back on the job. All sessions include a session manual.

Bringing over 25 years of leadership, communication and sales capability expertise and experience the value and insight Renée brings to these sessions is outstanding.

You choose your PRESCRIPTION package of 6 or 12 sessions tailored to what your organisation needs right now.

Skill Pill topics (not limited to):

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Limitless Leadership
  • Mindset over matter
  • Review and renew habits
  • Supercharge Working Remotely
  • Adopting a Gift Mindset® Culture
  • 12 Gifts (1 per session)

    • Including: Resilience, Empathy, Connection, Re-Energising, Contribution, Forgiveness, Change, Growth, Courage, Curiosity, Optimism and Gratitude
  • Self-management to manage time
  • Understanding Motivation to Collaborate
  • Leading from the inside out
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Cut through Communication
  • Delegate to Empower
  • Strategic thinking
  • Brand You- personal branding
  • Brand You- your brand
  • Road to Resilience

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What Our Clients Say

Renée ran a series of virtual workshops (Skill Pill) for SPC at the onset COVID and working from home. Renée was fantastic to work with, from custom designing the workshops to meet our needs, through to the delivery, and participant documentation/ post workshop support. The topics ranged from working from home mind set, collaboration, communication and personal branding (to name a few). We had excellent participant engagement and feedback. Thanks Renée, my team and I really enjoyed working with you, and we highly value your expertise. I cant wait to work with you again (and meet you in person!)

Amanda McRoy, Senior Human Resources Leader at SPC

Renee’s ability to deliver a range of effective and practical leadership strategies from a range of psychological principles is both extremely impressive and invaluable. As a doctoral student in psychology, the level of skill and knowledge that goes into producing real-life strategies from theory that actually work, which is a testament to her experience, intellect and level of skill. The course was very interactive and allowed us to gain strategies from Renee that were tailored to our specific needs. I have immediately begun implementing these strategies and found her approach to communication and rapport building valuable.

Daniella Taranto, Managing Director Recom Cleaning Pty Ltd

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