Meet the RG Dynamics Team

The strength of a team is made up of individual members and the strength of each member in the team.

At RG Dynamics we are so proud of our team. Each person gets to do what lights them up and tap into their expertise to contribute to the transformational solutions we provide to our clients.

We are passionate about providing exceptional programs and a memorable customer experience. Working as one team, we deliver transformational solutions and results to collaborate with you on your success.

Gillian McDonald

Gillian McDonald

Executive Coach, Facilitator and Educator

A leadership and coaching expert, Gill is passionate about helping people rise to the challenge and works with individuals and teams to develop the understanding, communication and true teamwork they need to achieve success. By providing support, guidance and coaching she enables clients to navigate road-blocks, build a strong, positive mindset and achieve their desired goals.

Gill has a strong background in accounting, business development and strategy and has worked for international accounting and legal firms. In recent years she has also worked extensively across the public sector. She is a certified coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation and is an accredited practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, IWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivators), Language and Behaviours Profiling, all Hogan Assessment Tools including Hogan 360-degree feedback, Global Leadership Wellness Survey (GLWS) and is an accredited Gallup Strengths Coach. Gill is also a certified team coaching practitioner with Global Team Coaching International.

She has a passion for coaching and accelerating client’s development and facilitating exceptional programs and transformation.

Having delivered multiple programs over the last 13 years within RG Dynamics, Gill is an asset to the team and the continued positive results achieved.

Stephanie Gal

Learning & Development Program Coordinator

Steph's role is pivotal to RG Dynamics and includes managing client relationships, program logistics, and various internal and external operational tasks. This in turn allows Renée and her team to focus on forging and developing client relationships, design and delivery of world class programs & keynotes and the sharing of thought leadership through various platforms

Steph enjoys a good coffee and generally has one in hand wherever she goes.

In her downtime she enjoys making magical moments with her 2 daughters and on the weekends you will find the 3 of them perusing the local farmers markets. In summer hanging out along the beach with family. .

Jacqui James

Systems & Social Media Implementer

Jacqui is a system and process tragic. With a background spanning more than 35 years in office administration, Jacqui takes the responsibility of seeing the job done well every time. Her love of planning made her a great fit to work with Renée.

Always looking to see how things can be improved and done more efficiently, Jacqui takes her role with the RG Dynamic's team seriously.

Jacqui helps Renée with the implementation of her social media strategy. While Renée's role is to write robust content, and Jacqui's is to bring it to life through social media execution, suggested and implemented systems and processes to provide a seamless service and brilliant customer experience.

JMJ - EA for a Day Jacqui James
Victoria Brown

Victoria Brown

Graphic Designer

For over ten years Victoria has worked as a freelance graphic artist and in that time has contributed her creative spark to many of the RG Dynamics programs, models, logos, book illustrations and graphic assets.

She knows what is involved in getting to know a brand and being an ambassador for that brand by ensuring that they are represented accurately and professionally by their digital and print materials. She loves taking the basic text that makes up a document and adding life, colour and images to create something enjoyable to look at.

Having lived in the UK and the Czech Republic while growing up, she has now settled and working in Australia and when not designing she enjoys running, writing, singing with her acapella group The Ice Haloes and Australia's celebrated chamber choir Ensemble Gombert.

Like many in the team she is an avid animal lover and a puppy carer for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia.