• What are your prime motivations in approaching work and business?
  • How effectively do they support or undermine your goal achievement?
  • What really lights you up and energises you and those around you?
  • Does your mindset limit hold you back from untapped possibilities? Or prime you for success?

iWAM can provide the answer.

It identifies what energises and lights you up at work and how you can satisfy this.

What is iWAM?

The Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) is an online questionnaire which helps an organisation identify an individual’s attention filters and cognitive styles, also called metaprograms. It is not a personality profile.

With the iWAM, one can predict what motivates a person, their work attitude, how they prefer to communicate, and how they prefer to act in their work context. iWAM allows the organisation to take into account the individual preferences and to value each person for their strengths. Using iWAM will help an organization make better use of the human potential of its workforce.

Just because an individual can perform a competency there is no guarantee that they will be motivated to do so on an ongoing basis. For example, follow the policy and procedure of the company and a specific role. iWAM will detail what an individual will find comfortable and enjoyable at work. When there is a natural fit between work demands and the individual’s motivations, there is a higher likelihood of excellent and sustained performance as well as longevity in the position.

It is a system that provides a window into the intrinsic motivations and attitudes of people in their work.

It maps the 48 things that motivate you in order of your preference.

A few examples:


  • Are you motivated to work towards objectives?
  • Do you have a problem-solving approach at work?
  • Do you look for potential pitfalls before they occur?


  • People
  • Money
  • Systems activity
  • Information
  • Status
  • Time
  • Geographical position


  • Are you motivated by detail? 
  • Do you have a sense of overview and the big picture?
  • Are you a systematic thinker?
  • What amount of structure do you need in your work?
  • Do generating options and alternatives motivate you?


  • How much do you learn from the past/ look to the future?
  • Do you need a change in your job, and how often?
  • In the workplace how do you approach change?
  • Do you have a vision for the future?


  • How satisfied are you when working with people?
  • How tolerant are you of other people and their ideas?
  • How much Social Contact do you need at work?
  • Are you motivated within a team?
  • Do you work for someone else or do you have a preference to be
    your own boss?


  • What is your decision making Strategy?
  • What channels are most convincing to you- what you see, hear, do or read?

How are iWAM results presented?

iWAM Reports are presented in over 8 formats and we provide you with a format that reflects how you are motivated.

We deliver your results:

  • Individually 1:1
  • Team debrief session
  • Within our Mapping Motivation Team workshop

Attitude Sorter Wheel

  • Graphically displays an individual’s motivations on one page.
  • Highest to lowest and compared to the standard Australia (or other) population.


This is comprehensive detailed report that includes all of the reports and a personal graph, feedback on strengths and statistical analysis on each of the 48 patterns.


This profound report list the motivation patterns in decreasing order and how one relates to the standard group in each pattern.

The report shows the iWAM Pattern titles, relative percentage values, motivational language which works to motivate people and a brief explanation of what the given iWAM scale measures and describes what a high score on that scale implies.


  • Individual team member's results on one page 
  • Grey zig-zag pattern represents the Australian (standard group) workforce group
  • Standard group for each country
  • Can be engineered to represent company culture or range of scores


  • Used as a management and team-building tool
  • A glance individual strengths and motivations of each team member
“You may perform well in your current role but unless you are motivated to do so you will not excel or be as happy as you could be.”

How is iWAM used?

We have been passionately utilising the iWAM tool within all of our coaching, leadership and team programs since 2007. The application and relevance of motivation in any role is often underestimated and is vital to ensure energy, direction and job satisfaction. Understanding and leveraging the motivations of self and others maximises rapport, communication and connection.

Leadership and Teaming

Mapping Motivation for Team Success

Imagine understanding what really motivates yourself and your team?

A collaborative team requires a deep understanding of each other’s strengths and motivations in order to leverage the collective team to maximise performance and deepen relationships and team culture.

To effectively connect and communicate we need to understand what lights each other up and create the space to appreciate and leverage our differences.

  • Participants profiled prior to the workshop
  • A program tailored to organisational objectives and needs
  • Interactive session on benefits of motivation and how to tap into them
  • Entire team results shared played out as a group
  • Team and paired breakout groups to provide an action plan
Mapping Motivation For Team Success

Blown away with Renée’s Mapping Motivation workshop. The team now understands themselves and each other at a deeper level and we have a menu of tools to tap into motivations of our clients too. A highly energetic, insightful and powerful program. Thanks, Renée, you exceeded our expectations by a mile!

Sales Director, FMCG

Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programs

The iWAM tool is used within all of our 1:1 and team coaching programs.

Understanding motivation of self can assist the individual to understand and leverage their preferred motivations and that that of others. his energises them resulting in happiness, productivity, motivation and high performance. Motivation can account for up to 65% of the predictability of success in any role.

I found coaching very useful to me along with completing the IWAM (Inventory of Workplace Attitudes and Motivations) profiling. This gave me a true understanding of how I work and in what environments I work well in. It’s not a personality profile but how our brains process information. Renée used this to guide and mentor us.
Sales Executive, Telco

iWAM 1.5-hour Debrief

This is a stand-alone debrief on results and application in the role.

  • Individual 1:1 session
  • Debrief on iWAM results and what they mean
  • Coaching activity to enable utilisation of results back in the workplace
  • Access to the entire report suite

Models of Excellence (MOE)

A MOE can provide a blueprint of the motivations of top performers in nominated roles within your organisation so you can replicate success.