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A limitless team is like an orchestra, each instrument playing in harmony.

Contributing its sound to work as one, guided by the conductor, you the leader.

Are you looking for your team to exceed results through synergised performance and focus whilst creating future leaders?

Imagine a team with strong and clear direction, vision and values that are lived.

A team that is more aware and aligned with each other’s motivations and strengths and ways to leverage this for performance.

A motivated, in synch team, collaborating on a common vision by leveraging strengths and skills isn’t always easy to achieve and sustain.

Non–collaborative teams lacking communication, connection, purpose, motivation and untapped diversity are common in many organisations and businesses.

Working with hundreds of teams we find many:

  • Lack clear communication.

  • Are non-collaborative.

  • Unaware of strengths and motivations of self/team.

  • Lack time to develop as a team.

  • Create silos and therefore stifle strategic agility.

  • Have an unweighted responsibility in the role.

  • Lack role clarity of self/others.

  • Have little or no clear direction of strategy and vision.

  • Lack of purpose and awareness of values.

  • Lack of succession planning.

  • Leave the development of individuals to last.

  • Leave diversity untapped and it isn’t leveraged.

Limitless Team Pathway

Renée Giarrusso

Our Limitless TeamsTM program addresses these common challenges and how individuals can move from a self-focus to industry and strategic focus. By building skills and behaviours to bridge the gap from achieving technical deadlines to being more strategic and leveraging the team around them. This impacts performance, success and collaboration directly.

The program is tailored to your current business challenges and objectives. Working with teams across 24 industries, we have the experience, insights, and tools presented in a highly dynamic and facilitated workshop program over three phases. These 3 phases are run over 9-12 weeks to ensure traction, momentum and implementation.

All workshops are facilitated in a learn and do environment with pre and post-work provided so as to embed learnings and ensure the program is an experience and not an event!

Limitless Team Program

Phase 1

Duration: 1-Day Workshop

Key Themes:
The initial focus is on investing the time to reflect and reset the key elements of a team. This includes values, vision, and strategy.

We will explore what we need to let be, let in and let go of, and create role clarity and expectations of self and others in the team. We also workshop where we sit individually and as a team on the Limitless team pathway.

Future direction and goals will be clearly defined as we look at key learnings from three timelines: Then (past), Now (present) and What’s Next (future). Key findings will be mapped as a group with a post-session action plan to implement.

Phase 2

Duration: 1-Day Workshop

Imagine understanding what really motivates yourself and others at work?

This dynamic and interactive workshop will identify each individual's key drivers and motivators and those within the team to maximise effectiveness and appreciate and compliment diversity. This powerful program will motivate the team and create a better understanding of each other’s strengths and utilise those strengths to get the best out of people and their performance.

Key motivators will be identified after each participant completes an online iWAM assessment before the workshop, and then an interactive team day will be facilitated.

Working with thousands of executives and leaders, we find many face these challenges:

  • Lack of understanding of what really motivates themselves, their team and external stakeholders.
  • Breakdown of communication and motivation.
  • Lack of ability to build rapport quickly and easily and have cut-through conversations that matter.
  • Constant focus on dealing with and embracing change.
  • The inability to tap in and satisfy motivations.
  • Blurred focus on working even better as a team, with a ‘teaming’ approach.
  • Building relationships remotely via email, webinars and virtual conferences.

We have designed a highly interactive workshop.

Phase 3

Duration: 1-Day Workshop

Key Themes:
Collaboration is broken down, and other key elements such as commitment, communication and trust are discussed and workshopped.

Over 70% of this workshop is hands-on skills practice and covers accountability vs. ownership, communication, conflict resolution, self-management, mentoring, peer coaching and identifying strengths to leverage performance.

What Our Clients Say

Limitless Leadership: Along with her enthusiasm and positive energy, Renée delivers a Communication Masterclass that is invaluable. Her delivery puts emphasis on good Leadership, the importance of meaningful and constructive feedback flowing both ways while also challenging the status quo. Important to also note, Gratitude is good medicine for the mind, body and spirit.
Edward Okuoga, Regional Manager, Workskil Australia
Renée’s character, drive, passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Renée’s knowledge and expertise have helped me develop as an individual for over 5 years. Through the Limitless Leaders programme, I have seen a positive shift across two organisations. Most recently, Renée rolled out the Limitless Leaders programme on Western Program Alliance, where we saw an increase in performance and collaboration amongst the team. I cannot thank Renée enough for the support and positive influence over the years.
Tiana Cologna, Project Operations Manager, Mott McDonald
Renée is the quintessential leadership coaching professional that continually leads by example – captivating, authentic, inspirational & creative. She walks the talk – an energetic and adaptive life-long leadership student, continually growing and combining all of the essential leadership learnings to captivate, stimulate and educate. Reneé’s Skill Pills have been inspirational – they help you to chunk down all the essentials of Leadership, Collaboration & Growth Mindset and she delivers them with such authenticity & creativity.

Renée has a unique way of combining all of the Leadership essentials and chunking them down into bite sized pieces for successful and effective “digestible” implementation. When it comes to Leadership, Renee is a vibrant splash of colour in a desert of “vanilla” – continually inspiring others through her alluring, high energy yet authentic style.

Renée knows a thing or two about personal resilience and agile ways – her simple yet fresh approach to pushing through the toughest of times will inspire you!

Tony Femia, State Manager VIC WA & SA, Retail Insurance Distribution

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All workshops are facilitated in a learn and do environment with pre and post work provided to embed learnings and ensure the program is an experience and not an event!

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