Helping leaders, teams, and organisations create successful workplaces, where people thrive and progress is accelerated, is the mission of our podcast guest, Michelle Gibbings. Michelle is a workplace expert, the award-winning author of three books, and a global keynote speaker. Throughout the conversation, Michelle shares her love for learning and how education is an equaliser and can make such a difference in helping people grow and realise their opportunities and potential. 

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Key Take Aways:

We talked about the challenges she experienced and the lessons she gained throughout her career. She believes that leadership means bringing out the best in those around you and helping them get to where they need to go.

  • Feeling uncomfortable when learning, and the growth that comes from it.
  • The value of constantly gaining knowledge
  • Recognising opportunities and potential of people around you 
  • Taking risks, knowing your trade-offs and backing yourself
  • The importance of setting boundaries and learning to say no.
  • Focusing on the ‘could do' not the ‘should do'.
  • Understanding that successful impact is never one size fits all
  • If you're not stopping something, you're not creating the space to start something.
  • Leadership is a learned skill; it's not just something you are born with
  • Realising the power of hard work and persistence

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