In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Alex Pirouz, Co-Founder of Windsor Advisers, a boutique advisory firm. With decades of intellectual capital, their founders have successfully scaled and exited multiple businesses. Throughout the conversation, Alex shares his personal journey of overcoming failures and finding success, emphasising the value of learning and embracing challenges, and the importance of being open to feedback for personal and professional growth.

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Key Take Aways:

We discuss building a good culture and strong leadership within organisations, addressing challenges in sales and marketing coordination, the evolving expectations of job seekers and the need for adaptability.

  • Alex's journey from failures to successes and getting a mentor
  • The power of reframing challenges
  • The qualities of an effective and fulfilled leader
  • Sales and marketing in the next normal
  • Fixing sales and marketing issues before planning
  • Creating a culture of open communication and conflict resolution
  • Building connections through personalised onboarding and one-on-one conversations
  • Listening and caring as core values to transform workplace culture
  • Reinforcing values through screensavers and daily reminders.


Contact Alex:

Windsor Advisers Website

Alex Pirouz on LinkedIn


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Leadership in changing times can be difficult, but you can adopt certain traits to get your team through it. You can also join mentorship programs to gain the skills you need.

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