Diagnostic Tools

Limitless Leadership® Indicator

Going from limited to limitless takes will, skill and drive. Limitless Leaders learn, unlearn, relearn, and evolve.
They commit, communicate, connect and build limitless teams and organisations.
Take our assessment and see where you sit on the pathway to Limitless leadership!


RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (ECR360)

Assess and develop the Emotional Intelligence of your leaders with the ECR. Transformational Emotional Intelligence assessment and development programmes for leadership teams.

Our Emotional Intelligence Platform has been chosen by Fortune 500s globally to develop and unlock people’s potential. The Emotional Capital Report unlocks the 10 competencies of EQ with 360 feedback to support and further grow EQ in your people.


Inventory of Work, Attitudes and Motivation

The iWAM tool predicts what motivates a person, their work attitude, how they prefer to communicate, and
how they choose to act in their work context. It allows the organisation to consider individual preferences
that can be appreciated and leveraged. iWAM will help an organisation make better use of the human
potential of its workforce. Knowing what lights you and others up results in connection and better
communication and performance.

Strengthscope® 360

This assessment is designed to clearly identify distinctive strengths at work – ways of thinking, feeling, and
expressing emotions that energise and strengthen individuals. It focuses on helping individuals build
awareness and confidence in their strengths while also providing 360 feedback on strengths and powerful
insights around risks to performance associated with weaker areas and strengths in overdrive.