What Our Clients Say

Renée ran a series of virtual workshops for SPC at the onset COVID and working from home. Renée was fantastic to work with, from custom designing the workshops to meet our needs, through to the delivery, and participant documentation/ post workshop support. The topics ranged from working from home mind set, collaboration, communication and personal branding (to name a few). We had excellent participant engagement and feedback. Thanks Renée, my team and I really enjoyed working with you, and we highly value your expertise. I cant wait to work with you again (and meet you in person!)
Amanda McRoy, Senior Human Resources Leader at SPC
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Renée. I had the pleasure of attending both a Coaching for Excellence course and a 4ward thinking seminar that Renée facilitated. I was in awe of Renée’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas on easy to use coaching and leadership models. Her energy and passion were so inspiring and engaging. “Talk about motivating”. As a trainer, coach, mentor, leader and facilitator Renée earns my highest recommendation.
Rachel Love, Relationship Director Jones Lang Lasalle
Renée has been working with Intrax for many years now providing great Leadership insight and training to our leadership teams. Her operational experience, combined with her up to date knowledge of the area, make her someone that the team enjoy learning from and employing her teachings in their day to day jobs. Renée has done an excellent job of incorporating these leadership lessons in her book “Limitless Leadership”, is an easy to follow guide on what it takes to be a good leader and more importantly, provides practical tips on how to apply those tips into the workplace.
Barry Borzillo, Managing Director & CEO at Intrax Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
Renée’s Virtual Building Blocks workshops supported and inspired our members during challenging times this year. Her 6-workshop series provided ready-to-use strategies on topics such as energising working from home, building emotional intelligence and building your own personal brand. Renée’s genuinely friendly and dynamic approach encouraged everyone to take part and feel safe to share their stories. After attending the first workshop, we saw many members booking in for the whole series. We’ve found a warm and engaging presenter, who is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to an ongoing collaboration.
Ingrid Mountford, Careers and Registration Manager at Master Builders Association of Victoria
I have been working with Renée for a number of years now and the value added to my business is immense. Renée has a unique energy and genuine talent rarely seen in even effective presenters and facilitators. With her leadership experience you will get your teams and yourself to make the step from good performance to amazing performance. Renée’s understanding of leadership demonstrated from her personal experience both working in and working on a broad spectrum of businesses has made her one of the best trainers, coaches and speakers you can get. I would recommend you discover just how effective Renée is.
Darryl O’Neill, General Manager-Sales at Kagome Australia
I have worked with Renée for 7 years through RG Dynamics programs and mentoring. The energy and genuine interest that she brings to every session that she facilitates raises the room to a new level. The amount of information retained after every session is increased through her dynamic hands on approach and peer-involvement.
Ben Longden, State Manager – NSW at Cookers Bulk Oil System

I was always in awe of Renée’s ability to command a room and get people engaged—especially in a virtual environment. It was for this reason that I attended her Virtual Limitless Leaders Masterclass to enhance the leadership processes of my company. Renée’s ability to deliver a range of effective and practical leadership strategies from a range of psychological principles is both extremely impressive and invaluable. As a doctoral student in psychology, I can appreciate the level of skill and knowledge that goes into producing real-life strategies from a theory that actually work, which is a testament to her experience, intellect and level of skill. The course was very interactive and allowed us to gain strategies from Renée that were tailored to our specific needs. I have immediately begun implementing these strategies within my work and found her approach to communication and rapport building especially valuable. A “Genuine expert’ is the phrase that came to mind about Renée when I completed her virtual class.

Daniella Taranto, Managing Director, Recom Cleaning Pty Ltd
I was in the audience when Renée gave a keynote at a major industry conference. It was one of the best presentations I’d seen in years! She was dynamic, engaging, very persuasive and yet quite entertaining all at the same time. Renée knew how to connect with the audience powerfully and take the audience with her on the journey of leadership and change. Something that almost every organisation needs in these times.
Russell Wood, Senior Supply Chain & Systems Advisor, Continuous Improvement Advisory
Renée has been providing Leadership guidance to GS1 Australia for the past 5 or so years. During that time, I have had the privilege of attending her Limitless Leadership workshops as well as regular coaching sessions to build on my own Leadership and Coaching skills. Renée’s ability to adapt tools and models as frameworks to make the seemingly difficult, seem simple has helped to re-structure some of my thinking with an increased focus on leading strategically rather than working tactically. Her guidance has helped me to increase trust and openness in my team which can only benefit the organisation as we strive to deliver our business objectives. Thank-you Renée for being pragmatic, challenging and fun to work with!
Bonnie Ryan, Director, Freight, Logistics & Industrial sectors, GS1 Australia
Renée is the best coaching skill facilitator who has passion and knowledge about how to use coaching as a powerful tool to influence others.
Maggie Liu, Head of Talent, Learning and Change, OD, JLL
Renée is a gifted management consultant with extensive experience in training, facilitation & executive coaching. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming and confident personality makes you feel comfortable and remain engaged during her sessions. Renée is excellent at encouraging trainees to have a go at difficult circumstances. She has an infectious great attitude. Renée is the best trainer I have ever had, there is no price worth her training sessions if you want to be a great manager and leader!
Joseph Kamara, Regional Director, Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs, East Africa, World Vision
Appreciate the learnings and support, for both myself and our team, received from Renée during our workshops and coaching sessions.

We engaged Renée to help develop not only our senior leaders with her Limitless Leaders Acceleration program but also our future leaders exposing them to a limitless mindset and motivational intelligence team program which has proved invaluable in our quest for constant improvement.

Renée builds rapport quickly which enables her to engage with any audience easily.

Simon Taylor, Regional West Manger-Metricon Homes
Renée is a highly energetic and engaging speaker, facilitator and coach who demonstrates passion for her subject matter. She will work in your business to embed tools and practices to build capability and strengthen organisational performance. Renée’s style is polished but down to earth, she is adaptable and highly organised. I would thoroughly recommend Renee to work with and add value to your business.
Karen Littlepage, CPHR | Chief People & Culture Officer at GS1 Australia

Renée is one of Australia’s leading thinkers in the domain of leadership and has a profound impact on her clients. She is also generous, smart and highly committed. If you want to be in the top 15% of leaders in your field, work with Renée.

Peter Cook, Speaker – Author – Mentor – Chairperson of Thought Leaders
I have worked with Renée for over the last 6 years now and can vividly remember our first encounter like it was yesterday. Renée was running a Leadership course that I was asked to attend and I remember thinking I am so busy and I don’t really have time for this and how I am going to get through a whole day without looking at my phone or email, I have a million things to do. Anyway, what I can tell you, is that I didn’t look at my phone or my email that day.

Renée has a special kind of energy that she is instantly able to engage with a room full of people and keep them with her for a whole day. She is interesting, relevant, funny, caring, relatable and most of thought provoking. That one day with Renée changed my view on leadership and took me in a different direction as a leader of a People and Culture group. I decided she was the one who I wanted to be my coach, to take me on the journey of professional and personal growth and I can say with confidence that I attribute my continued growth and success to Renée. Thank-you Renée for always challenging me to be better, think differently and be a great leader. Your energy brings a special energy to me which other benefit from too, I am lucky to have you as my coach. You couldn’t get a more passionate Coach than Renee.

Angie Francis, People & Culture Group Manager, William Adams Pty Ltd
Renée’s character, drive, passion and enthusiasm are infectious. Renée’s knowledge and expertise has helped me develop as an individual for over 5 years. Through the Limitless Leaders programme, I have seen a positive shift across two organisations. Most recently, Renée rolled out the Limitless Leaders programme on Western Program Alliance, where we saw an increase in performance and collaboration amongst the team. I cannot thank Renée enough for the support and positive influence over the years.
Tiana Cologna, Project Operations Manager – Mott MacDonald
Renée facilitated a keynote on ‘Change and Motivation from the Inside Out’ at Telstra’s National licensee roadshow in Melbourne. Her passion, subject matter expertise, and ability to deliver an engaging presentation were just what the audience needed. Renée’s presentation set the tone for the remainder of the day and challenged all to think differently about how they personally lead through change. Thank you Renée.
Jeff Yerbury, General Manager, Telstra Consumer and Small Business
Renée is an amazing woman. Inspirational. She explains leadership strategies in a way that is easy to understand and suggestions of how to alter things leading to personal improvements. I particularly loved hearing about what “lights me up”. Since our session, every day l have asked myself, “have l done something today that lights me up”? If l haven’t, l try to do something, even if it is only little. My energy levels are up- thanks Renée. I am looking forward to our journey together and love that you’re in my corner!
Natasha Groves, Account Manager, Opal Converting Division

Renée facilitated a dynamic and interactive workshop. It was a gift of practical tools that can be applied to lead teams and lead self. Renée created a fun and safe space for people to connect and learn from other like-minded individuals across different industries. Thank-you Renée for a high impact day that has inspired action.

Stav Vafeas, Head of People & Performance, AWPL
I have engaged with Renée for a few years now in a 1-1 coaching engagement, team development program and a wider leadership development program. Undeniably consistent is Renée’s passion for helping people reach their leadership potential in a way that cuts through the ‘fluff’ but in an empathetic way. Renée has so many useful tools to support a person’s development that she enables with people as the situation arises. Her zest for life is infectious.
Sue Schmid, Chief Global Programs Officer, GS1 Australia
A big thank you to Renée Giarrusso for running the Openpay Mapping Motivation for Team Success workshop and the Limitless leadership program. Renée’s programs provided our team with a deep understanding of ourselves and each other in order to start working as a super team. It provided practical tools to help bridge some gaps, leverage each other’s motivators, encourage collaboration, foster true partnerships and improve communication. Renée did a marvellous job of keeping a group of 50 people engaged for the entire day with her energy, enthusiasm and hands on approach. More importantly, we noticed positive changes and results immediately! The Openpay team now feel better equipped to connect to each other and to our customers. We are now working more like a super team towards achieving our vision. I would highly recommend Renée and her support team to other businesses.

Thanks again Renée.

Marni Meydan, Director Operations, Meydan Group

If you want an amazing, real training experience that will leave you and your team feeling empowered and energised, see Rénee Giarrusso at Limitless Leaders. Renée is so much more than ‘just’ a great trainer and a coach – she is personable, thorough and completely invested. The Limitless Leaders program gives you actual tools that you can apply holistically in your professional and personal life.

Maja Pasariček, Learning and Development Manager at Workskil Australia
Renée’s Limitless Leaders Workshops were outstanding. Her spirit, energy & passion is infectious…she is a “giver”. The training and the tools provided will indeed help me become a Limitless Leader. Her expertise, her presence and her use of metaphors clearly demonstrate her professionalism and knowledge, but more importantly her engagement with the attendees enables one to be a sponge and soak all that knowledge in.

I highly recommend the investment in some time for this workshop. Renée, thank you…and cannot wait for us to engage once again in the near future.

Marie Varrasso, Head of Supply Chain Operations at Officeworks

Renée played an enormously important role in the early days as I transitioned into executive leadership along with working closely with my leadership team as we came together and formed our identity. Renée’s positive outlook and demeanour, her wonderful energy and her practical tools and support were instrumental in those early days in setting us on the course for the future success and achievements we were able to realise both as individuals and as a collective team.

Russell Hannah, General Manager – Retail Distribution Partnerships MLC Life Insurance

I have worked with Renée on and off for well over 6 years, she is not just a fabulous coach but a genuine honest person that I now call a friend. Renée supported me through a huge transition in my career, going from an FMCG brand owner to building my own food manufacturing site. Renée taught me many techniques on how to lead people with different skill sets, most more than my own. Needless to say, with Renee’s guidance and consistent coaching the business has not only flourished but attracted many strong team members. As the saying goes, “you are only as strong as the people surrounding you”…Renee certainly allowed me to push through my insecurities and build a strong leadership team and therefore business.

Narelle Plapp, CEO & Founder Grain and Bake Co
Renée’s enthusiasm for coaching, leading and mentoring is all about taking you, your team on a journey of discovering self and leading your team to higher results. The delivery from Renée is always on point and comes from a place of wanting people to succeed at work and life in general. I can’t recommend Renée highly enough if you want to improve self and to take your business and teams to the next level. Congrats Renée on this book and I look forward to working with you again soon.
Tony Gall , Regional Sales Manager-North, Metricon Homes

Renée is the quintessential leadership coaching professional that continually leads by example – captivating, authentic, inspirational & creative. She walks the talk – an energetic and adaptive life-long leadership student, continually growing and combining all of the essential leadership learnings to captivate, stimulate and educate. Reneé’s Skill Pills have been inspirational – they help you to chunk down all the essentials of Leadership, Collaboration & Growth Mindset and she delivers them with such authenticity & creativity.

Renée has a unique way of combining all of the Leadership essentials and chunking them down into bite sized pieces for successful and effective “digestible” implementation.

When it comes to Leadership, Renee is a vibrant splash of colour in a desert of “vanilla” – continually inspiring others through her alluring, high energy yet authentic style.

Renée knows a thing or two about personal resilience and agile ways – her simple yet fresh approach to pushing through the toughest of times will inspire you!

Tony Femia, State Manager VIC WA & SA, Retail Insurance Distribution
Renée truly is like no other trainer, coach or mentor I have come across. Over the last 6 years I have had the privilege to be a part of her programs and have developed my skills in leadership in both my professional and everyday life. My confidence has increased in my work by adopting a lot of the strategies Renée has outlined in order to understand myself more and also my colleagues. What I like most about Renée is her ability to not provide you with textbook learning but being able to connect with you and personalise her training in an everyday environment. These skills I believe are things that we need to live and breathe, not only professionally but personally as well and Renée’s programs make you think of how you can be a leader in life. Her training style is fun and energetic and so natural you know she is doing this because she love’s what she does.
Jessica Borzillo, National Business Development Manager, Intrax Consulting Engineers
Renée has been my coach for over 12 months and is nothing short of incredible. Her advice is both technically brilliant and practical at the same time. All of her guidance is centred around motivations and values which creates a win-win for both the individual and the workplace they ultimately thrive within. I also attended her Limitless Leadership program which was a great refocus on the qualities a strong leader must exhibit. A great program for any leader trying to create a happy and productive workplace. I would and have recommended Renée to any individual or organisation striving for success in a competitive environment.
Josy Shaw, Director of Marketing and Communications, Ovarian Cancer Australia Ltd
Renée has been my coach for over 12 months and is nothing short of incredible. Her advice is both technically brilliant and practical at the same time. All of her guidance is centred around motivations and values which creates a win-win for both the individual and the workplace they ultimately thrive within. I also attended her Limitless Leadership program which was a great refocus on the qualities a strong leader must exhibit. A great program for any leader trying to create a happy and productive workplace. I would and have recommended Renée to any individual or organisation striving for success in a competitive environment.
Josy Shaw, Director of Marketing and Communications, Ovarian Cancer Australia Ltd

I attended The Motivational Intelligence Masterclass led by Renée. WOW. Coming into the session I had so many questions about what drives me to turn up each day and then, even if I knew how would I use this information to my advantage? I left the day feeling inspired and with a few new truths but also affirmations of old ones that I can now articulate clearly – this is immediately functional in that I can share with peers, managers and key stakeholders so that they can understand what makes me tick, recognisable differences and then how we can work better together. I am already recommending this within my business as I think there’s great value at both an individual level but also application for teams to build cohesiveness and a high-performance culture.

Thank you, Renée.

Ryan Davis, Senior Packaging Engineer, General Mills