Limitless Leaders™ Acceleration Program

Limitless Leaders™ Acceleration Program

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Accelerating mindset, communication and leadership to take collaboration and performance to the next level.

Run Virtually or Face to Face!

A 12-month in-house transformational program where like-minded leaders within your business grow together in real-time, within openly facilitated regular forums in a learn-and-do environment.

Shifts the overwhelm of a management mindset to a clearer, more focused leadership mindset.

Creates a self-reflective space for regular sharing of best practice, ideas, challenges and future thinking as one team.

Equips leaders with the skills, mindset, and motivation to navigate the subjective challenges of leadership with their peers in real-time.

Develops leaders who are agile problem solvers who embrace change through adopting new tools and insights to challenge the status quo and stay relevant.

Key Challenges Leaders Face

Working with thousands of executives and teams over the last 15 years, we found that many encountered the following challenges which the Acceleration Program addresses:

  • They are time poor and skill stretched.

  • Preparing for a future that may or may not exist that needs focus.

  • Setting a benchmark and challenging the status quo.

  • A mindset that can become stifled.

  • They want to work “on” their team and not just “in” their team.

  • They need to resolve the unresolved people problems and deal with change.

  • They lack time to understand and leverage strengths and motivation.

  • Little time put aside to share best practice, challenges and opportunities as one team.

  • Lack of influencing skills to get buy-in.

  • They are transitioning from a management mindset to a leadership mindset.

  • They want to increase their coaching and mentoring capability.

  • Succession planning is lacking attention.

  • A need to become more agile and co-creative.

  • They need to increase overall level of leadership and results.

  • Lack of self-reflective time to invest in self and broader team development.

  • Lacking communication skills needed to cut through and lead out loud.

Leadership is a journey that needs to be constantly built on, improved, changed, and forever evolving – there is no final destination.

Shift from managing others to leading leaders, and become an industry stand out and limitless through the Acceleration program!

Agility and a Limitless Mindset are now the new leadership black. Leadership today requires you to go wide, deep, and wide again. It requires you to have a clear picture of the future and to be highly responsive to the climate and culture you are in right now. Leadership needs to be adaptive and resistant, so you make measurable progress towards a shared dream and vision.

Leadership agility is the ability to apply many and varied leadership styles to fast-paced, ever-changing environments. It’s the ability to read a room, shift a team, understand a person and make meaningful connections that move the mission forward. A bursting mindset is required to embrace change and satisfy intellectual (logic) and emotional (heart) needs.

We find that by shifting mindset and applying new ways of thinking and tools, we elevate many executives from below the line, in this model, to above the line, where they become leaders of teams, leaders of leaders and leaders of industry.

Become a limitless leader of teams, leader of leaders and leader of industry.

How it Works

There will be an immersive interaction each month, over the 12-month program.

A variety of modes of delivery are included that will run both face-to-face and virtually.

Program components:

Pre-Program Analysis

To identify key program objectives, challenges and opportunities for customised design. Both individual, team and organisational objectives are included.

  • Limitless Leadership Diagnostic
  • Individual Insight Questionnaire

Workshops & Webinars

Theme and focus each quarter are based on agreed objectives.

  • 4 x quarterly workshops
  • Workshops are a mix of content, interaction and mastermind sessions
  • 2 x webinars with a focus on relevant topics
    • To run during quarter 1 and 3

Group Mentoring

Highly interactive, and ensures follow up and accountability.

  • 4 x quarterly group mentoring sessions
  • Builds shared accountability and ownership
  • Session focus is on the current group's needs and objectives


  • 2 x 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring sessions
  • Provides an individual focus
  • To run during quarter 2 and 4
  • Optional diagnostics can be included: Strengthscope and iWAM profile

Please note this program is customised to your organisational needs and the modes of delivery are based on geographic location and agreed outcomes of the program.

Limitless Leaders™ Acceleration Program

Limitless Leaders™ Acceleration Program

A 12-month transformational program where like-minded leaders within your business grow together in real-time within openly facilitated regular forums in a learn-and-do environment.

Accelerating mindset, leadership and communication to create limitless leaders, collaboration and performance to the next level.

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Meet Renée

Renée’s gift and point of difference are that whatever she educates her clients in, she lives and practices in her business and life. Renée is a published author with three books under her belt. These include; Limitless Leadership-A guide to Leading from the Inside out, Leaders of Influence, the anthology and in 2021 she published Gift Mindset®, a US Award-winning book under the Major Street Publishing house.

She is often on radio sharing her message and has had her inspirational insights and thought leadership published in Huffington Post, Coaching Life, Retail World and many more. She is the founder and host of the Limitless Leaders Podcast.

Renée’s clients mirror the diversity of her experience and network, and she has worked with 1000’s of clients across 24 industries at all levels. Renée is a Professional Credentialed Coach (PCC) and is a professional trainer, facilitator and speaker. She has designed and run over 3,000 workshop programs and has conducted close to 2,500 coaching sessions. Renée holds qualifications in Marketing & Business Management, an NLP Practitioner, Advanced iWAM Practitioner (Motivational Intelligence), and a credentialed Strengthscope Practitioner. She holds a Diploma and Cert IV in Executive Coaching and a Cert IV in Training and Advanced Presentation Skills. She is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) PSA (Professional Speaker Australia) and Thought Leaders Global.

Meet Renée

What Our Clients Say

We engaged Renée to help develop our senior leaders with her Limitless Leaders Acceleration program and our future leaders exposing them to a limitless mindset and motivational intelligence team program that has proved invaluable in our quest for constant improvement. Appreciate the learnings and support, for both myself and our team, received from Renée during our workshops and coaching sessions. Renée builds rapport quickly, which enables her to engage with any audience easily.
Simon Taylor, Regional West Manager, Metricon Homes

Renée is a gifted management consultant with extensive experience in training, facilitation and executive coaching. She knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming and confident personality makes you feel comfortable and remain engaged during her sessions. Renée is excellent at encouraging trainees to have a go at difficult circumstances. She has an infectious great attitude. Renée is the best trainer I have ever had, there is no price worth her training sessions if you want to be a great manager and leader.

Joseph Kamara, Regional Manager, International Programming Group at World Vision Australia
Renée is a highly energetic and engaging speaker, facilitator and coach who demonstrates passion for her subject matter. She will work in your business to embed tools and practices to build capability and strengthen organisational performance. Renée’s style is polished but down to earth, she is adaptable and highly organised. I would thoroughly recommend Renee to work with and add value to your business.
Karen Littlepage, CPHR | Chief People & Culture Officer at GS1 Australia

Participating in the Limitless leadership program was an absolute privilege and a blast. Renée’s knowledge, insights and energy is unparalleled. Learning from, and sharing this experience with my amazing colleagues has made my week. Thank you all!

Maja Pasariček, Learning and Development Manager at Workskil Australia

Where do you sit as a Limitless Leader?

Contact Renée and her team to explore how this program can be customised to your objectives and needs and accelerate your leaders and organisational performance today.

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Renée Giarrusso