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Renée is a Certified Virtual Presenter and member of PSA


Are you seeking a dynamic speaker at your next event or team offsite meeting?
Are you looking for someone who actually works in the field where they are the subject matter expert?
Wouldn’t it be great to make your conference or launch even more dynamic?

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I specialise in communication, team building, leadership and sales effectiveness. I will tailor the session to your objectives, audience and time-frame. Bringing in an external speaker can really lift engagement and add variety and another perspective to your event.

Maybe you have an audience that needs:

  • Motivation after organisational change
  • Dynamic and advanced communication tips
  • Leadership tips for even more success
  • Ways to decode language to find out how people are motivated
  • Rapport building
  • Powerful coaching frameworks
  • Sales techniques such as questioning, overcoming objections, benefit selling and closing
  • Powerful presentation tips
  • Ways to deal with change and diversity
  • Understanding what makes people tick
  • Communication models (interactive session)


Limitless Leadership™

In today’s fast-moving world, as leaders there is so much to deal with such as technology, people, restructures and dealing with change. These things can bog you down and hold you in a management mindset where leadership feels out of your grasp.
We find many leaders:

  • Are time-poor and skill-stretched
  • Want to work ‘on’ their team and not just ‘in’ their team
  • Need to resolve the unresolved people problems and deal with change
  • Are transitioning from a management mindset to a leadership mindset

They need to enhance their leadership to shape the future and be limitless! Authentic commitment, effective communication and deep connection are key contributors to being a Limitless Leader™.
During this keynote we focus on the key attributes and enablers needed to excel as a leader in today’s challenging and disruptive climate.

Leading Change from the Inside Out

Dealing with change is one constant challenge we all face and one that many people dread or avoid. In order to create sustainable team cultures and businesses, people need to develop a liking for change and embrace it.
What we find:

  • Change is avoided
  • Known change is embraced as it is easy
  • Motivation is stifled
  • People stay in a comfort zone

In this interactive keynote we look at the mindset, reason and motivation to embrace unknown change and be brave and go from being resistant. We look at stepping up to embrace the unknown instead of the easy, comfortable, known way. We explore what motivation can be tapped into, and the cost of not embracing change.

Motivate to Collaborate

Working with thousands of executives and leaders we find many face these challenges:

  • Lack of understanding of what really motivates themselves and others
  • Breakdown of communication and motivation
  • Getting caught up in doing what they are good at but not what they enjoy
  • Ability to build rapport quickly and easily and have cut-through conversations that matter

In this interactive session we look at ways to identify and satisfy what motivates you, your colleagues and your clients. We uncover powerful tips to decode language and tap into key drivers to maximise performance and role fulfilment. Did you know that motivation accounts for 65% of the predictability of success in a role? When people do what truly motivates them they have a spring in their step. Understanding what motivates others assists in building subliminal rapport and contributes to deeper more meaningful conversations and relationships.

Conversations that Cut Through

Over 80% of our time is taken up having conversations. With so many distractions including, to name a few: social media, technology, and lack of time, communication can be less than effective. Communication is the response that you get and knowing how to shape and shift your message and really listen is imperative in order to adapt and have the conversations that cut through!
What we find:

  • Conversations are lacking meaning
  • Technology can stifle the message
  • Remote teams can be disjointed
  • Virtual conversations don’t always cut through

During this keynote we unpack how to shape and shift your communication to get the response that you need. Communication is one of the key skills to master to achieve leadership success and this session outlines the power of non-verbal communication.

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What My Clients Say

Renée recently facilitated a key note on ‘Change and Motivation from the Inside Out’ at Telstra’s National licensee roadshow in Melbourne. Her passion, subject matter expertise, and ability to deliver an engaging presentation were just what the audience needed. Renée’s presentation set the tone for the remainder of the day and challenged all to think differently about how they personally lead through change. Thank you Renée.

Jeff Yerbury – General Manager, Telstra Consumer and Small Business

Renée was incredibly engaging during our bi-annual conference, Supply Chain Week. She brought a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the stage and very motivational content!

Marcel Sieira – Head of Customer Engagement & Business Development, GS1 Australia

Renée was great for our leadership team. We have a much better understanding of ourselves and our team dynamic with some clear objectives for the future. I loved her passionate presentation style.

Matt Meredith – General Manager, Callaway Golf South Pacific

I was in the audience when Renée gave a keynote at a major Industry conference during October 2017. It was one of the best presentations I’d seen in years! She was dynamic, engaging, very persuasive and yet quite entertaining all at the same time. Renée knew how to connect with the audience powerfully and take the audience with her on the journey of leadership and change. Something that almost every organisation needs in these times.

Russell Wood – Business Solutions Manager, Damco Australia & New Zealand

Renée is a passionate, energetic & inspiring speaker. She knows her stuff. She’s the type of person you just want there with you to drive & inspire your team.

Marie Varrasso – Director, Supply Chain & Logistics, Nike Pacific

Renée is a bright and engaging speaker who challenges an audience to question the way they have always done things. She then provides strategies to improve their business lives.

Richard Jones – Head of Marketing & Training Solutions, GS1 Australia

Renée is a passionate and engaging speaker! Our Business in Heels group benefited greatly from Renée’s presentation on Mapping Motivation and we are very keen to have her present again in 2018. Her discussion was thoughtful and useful for women at all stages of their business! Everyone came away with something!

Nia Martin – Director, Business in Heels

Renée is an incredibly gifted speaker and trainer whose passion for inspiring potential in motivated individuals is contagious. I highly recommend attending one of Renée’s Masterclasses on Limitless Leadership. She will engage you and challenge your current mindset about leadership. Her powerful six steps program to becoming a ‘limitless leader’ is incredibly inspiring and has enabled me to access true leadership from a position of real authenticity

Alessandra Edwards – Expert in Executive Peak Performance