Limitless Leaders™ Connection: Culture is not limited to the workplace but also our homeplace

Culture exists in both the workplace and the homeplace! Culture is a bit of a buzz word, and it simply means the shared values, ideas and social behaviours of a community. Often applied to the workplace I reckon we need to consider what I call our “homeplace culture” too. In the workplace, culture stems from […]

Limitless Leaders™ Connection: Ramp up your remote work with visuals

Limitless Leaders Ramp up your remote work with visuals

When working remotely, the first thing that we miss is the physicality of working with other people. As much as remote work can increase productivity, connection and collaboration can be hindered if we don’t regularly review and renew what is working as far as communication is concerned. Technology will never fully replace human interaction, but […]

Limitless Leadership™: Maximise productivity working remotely

home office

How do you maximise productivity while working remotely? Last week I was speaking with a client about  how to maximise productivity while working remotely. I shared my office set up with him and the way I categorise tasks and resources in different locations.

Limitless Leadership™: Pivot, innovate and explore new ways of working.

pivot innovate adn explore new ways of working

I’ll be the first to say that our business has been hit hard as so much of our client interaction is face to face. At times like this we need to pivot, innovate and explore new ways of working. Navigating the virtual leadership world Earlier this week I ran a virtual workshop to a group […]

Limitless Leadership™: To meet or not to meet…this is the question!

Meetings, meetings and more meetings….. we all know we either organise them or attend them more than we should.  How often are you asked to attend a meeting or send a diary invite to get others to attend? A recent Microsoft Office survey listed the top three-time wasters in business are: ineffective meetings unclear objectives […]