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Limitless Leadership™: Set boundaries to ensure 2020 Vision for the New Year!

So here we are, heading into a new year – let's set boundaries to ensure we get the most out of 2020!

What are you choosing?

How exciting that we have the choice to make this year whatever we want it to be. Like writing a new chapter in a book, you choose the settings, the themes and the characters. The choices are all yours.

Hopefully you have had some time to recharge and reset for the year ahead. It’s amazing what even a quick break can do as far as reflecting on what was and contemplating what will be.

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Limitless Leadership™: Head Space and Energy are the Keys to Self-Management

Self-management wins over time management every day. Time is what it is.

“Your actions and results stem directly from how effectively or ineffectively you manage yourself.”

Across the many industries I work in and at all levels of leadership, being time poor is the biggest challenge I see and hear about.

In today's workplace there are less people doing more and this often sets an unrealistic expectation of what can be achieved, leaving so many people feeling unmotivated, unfulfilled and therefore guilty of what is not being achieved opposed to what is.

As a person who leverages the hell out of every minute, I really believe your success in managing yourself comes down to being aware of two key things, I believe we need balance in and that is “headspace” and our “energy”.

In order to lead and serve ourselves, our teams and organisations we need to do the right things at the right time and feel fulfilled.  A focus on these two areas is imperative as they directly correlate with your perception and use of time.

“Your actions and results stem directly from how effectively or ineffectively you manage yourself.” Click To Tweet

I just don't have time!”

Why is it that some people do and be so much in the time they have versus others who complain they can’t fit anything in?

Obviously, we all have different lives, priorities, motivations and things that drive us but if you want to leverage your best self, I reckon you need to tap into what you are thinking about and how this affects our energy and therefore our level of self-management.

Self-Management = Headspace & Energy

Getting home at a decent time from work and thinking about the day that was and the next big presentation coming up is going to affect your headspace and more importantly how you are at home. This internal chatter is consuming your thoughts and this then flows onto your energy. As we all know when our minds go into overdrive and the monkey mind sets in our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy is affected.

Did you know your brain is actually spilt into 3 smaller brains; the reptilian brain, the monkey brain and the logical brain, also known as the leadership brain.

Did you know your brain is actually spilt into 3 smaller brains; the reptilian brain, the monkey brain and the logical brain, also known as the leadership brain. Click To Tweet

In a nutshell, the reptilian brains primary focus is to survive and if/when you are under pressure or threat this brain kicks in that fight or flight response we all know.

Our relationship brain, also referred to as the monkey brain can become easily distracted as its job is to look for connection and this brain is the one that sometimes struggles to focus on one thing, causes internal chatter and can be the trigger of self-doubt. We are all familiar with this one, the cheeky and distracting brain.

The Leadership brain or logical brain (neocortex) is the one that looks into the future and its key role is to create and think about a better world and solve problems creatively. This is where I believe successful leaders operate from.

The only way we can control our headspace is by controlling our thoughts and I think as leaders we need to operate from the leadership brain as much as possible. Click To Tweet

Sounds easy? Not at all, I believe this is a constant battle for most people but by being aware of the three brains I think we can at least be consciously aware of where we are operating from.

So, take time to control the monkey brain and don’t buy into its chatter.  Look into what negative inner dialogue you are hearing and flip it. What unresolved situations are you carrying around that turns the clearness of your world opaque.

Our thoughts are the only thing we can control and as much as it takes time, focus and laser-like discipline the pay-off is huge. By having what I call purposeful thoughts and by being deeply self-aware, you can prevent the reptile brain from kicking in and triggering that fight or flight response.

When our headspace is clear, open and present our energy at work and at home is pure and undiluted. When this is the case we can focus more on what counts at a deeper level and leverage the inelastic vortex that is time. Click To Tweet

As always, would love your thoughts…

To becoming LIMITLESS


Renee Giarrussso Director RG Dynamics Pty Limited Limited LeadershipFor more of my tips on how change can equate to growth, get in touch. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Find out where you sit on the Leadership Ladder, your responses are anonymous and the results summarised to help us better understand where our market sits, so that we can continue to provide, insights, tools and solutions to assist you move up to be LIMITLESS, co-creative and stand out.

Renée is a mentor, coach, expert facilitator and keynote speaker, She is the author of ‘Limitless Leadership™’ and co-author of ‘Leaders of Influence’. Follow Renee on Facebook, Instagram, IGTV or Twitter, or subscribe to her blog here.

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Limitless Leadership: Promote Stay Interviews to Retain & Grow Talent

“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.”

– Daniel Kahneman

Those who know me know I am a huge advocate for ongoing feedback and performance previews, opposed to reviews. I believe if dialogue and communication is open, clear, honest and consistent between all parties, there should be no surprises. Feedback given and received regularly is imperative and needs to be provided by you, as the leader, and also from your team to you and each other.

Working with a client recently, we discussed the ways the organisation she works for gives and receives feedback. Mariana, my client, shared with me that as an organisation they have what they have what’s called “Stay Interviews”. These are regularly run, jealously protected pieces of time dedicated to giving and getting feedback. I say “jealously” protected, as I cannot tell you how many times I see feedback and coaching sessions cancelled due to so-called conflicting priorities. As a leader, people need to be an OR, not an AND, in our day to day function; people before progress, I say.

I love the concept of “stay” interviews, and as we are all well aware, happy people usually don’t leave a company. If we can know when happiness, commitment and energy drops, at least we can proactively do and drive what needs to be done.

“Stay” interviews create a space for awareness and growth, with time dedicated to a few structured questions and the head space for both parties to be present, engaged and ready to contribute.

Success to “Stay” Interviews

Make them Regular:

Don't make these a one-off event, name them and lock them in as you would with any meeting. Consistent catch-ups will breed momentum, rapport and openness. Be committed and don’t cancel or back out – people are your priority. Look at what it will cost you and the organisation if you’re not all-in.

Aside from regular coaching, mentoring and team catch ups I would suggest doing these every 6-8 weeks, for 20-30 minutes per person.

A bit like exercise, once in the habit, these will become the way you do things.

Plan the Purpose:

Make sure each person knows “why” the interviews are occurring.

Giving each other open and honest feedback to feed-forward is imperative.

People only buy into anything if there is something in it for them – we are the same, so ensure you spend time setting the scene and expectations around this. Maybe run a facilitated team session on the whole concept of “Stay Interviews”? You need buy-in to make this worthwhile.

Success in the Structure:

Don't dilute what could be an insightful conversation by having idle chit-chat. Respect their time and expect the same in return. Plan out a few great questions to get the responses that will benefit all; here are a few examples below, but remember to make these your own!

  • What is lighting you up in your role right now?
  • Are you satisfying these motivators?
  • How are you feeling about your role?
  • What is your overall job satisfaction?
  • How can I improve this?
  • What do you like about working here?
  • What keeps you here?
  • What do you like the most / least?
  • Where are you getting the most traction?
  • What and / or who is frustrating you?
  • What is stretching and growing you?
  • How are you feeling recognised?
  • What is your preferred style for feedback?
  • What could you change or do differently?
  • As a team, what could bring us closer to being a “Superteam?”
  • What’s your greatest learning to date?
  • How could you share this with the broader team?
  • Confidence, capability and capacity – rate each one, 1-5?
  • What needs to change and be actioned?
  • As your manager, what could I do differently or change?
  • If you could change anything about the way I lead, how would that look (leading team, recognition, coaching, feedback)?

“In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening. So rather than thinking, ‘oh, I’m going to reveal my weaknesses’, you say, ‘wow, here’s a chance to grow’.”

– Carol Dweck

Flip it Around:

Now it’s your turn – let the team interview you! We all know how valuable disclosure is and your team will thank you for it! From experience, you can do this 1:1 or as a team, ensuring everyone contributes.

Follow Up:

The interviews will leave you all with golden nuggets of opportunity and progress – don’t let this slip and be forgotten! If you do, not only will this be a waste of time and resources, but it will also dim the commitment of future conversations. All of those involved need to take accountability and ownership and action what needs to be done as part of an overall ongoing development plan.

I’d love to hear how you implement “Stay” interviews into your organisation!

Be limitless!


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Ramping up Risk – Embrace the Unknown

A few weeks ago, at the conclusion of running a 2-day program to a senior leadership team, one of the participants, let’s call him Ken asked me an interesting question. “In a company culture such as ours, where risk and making mistakes is shunned upon, how can we as leaders change this?” A great question I thought. So many organisations I come across face the same challenge. With people tackling so much on the job and bogged down in what I call the chaos of “doing”, role functions are becoming task oriented, process and technology driven and almost robotic. Culture such as this cannot change overnight as we all know, there is no magic pill. What there is, for us as leaders, is an opportunity to start to instil, encourage and create cultures that embrace risk to take them to the next level.

“Focus on people before progress”

The word risk conjures up negativity and loss and every one’s perception and belief of what risk is to them will be dependent on their experience and exposure to it, both professionally and personally. The Merriam Webster definition of risk is: “a possibility of loss or injury” and “someone or something that creates or suggests a hazard”. It’s no wonder the word “risk” is as appealing to most as jumping into a tankful of sharks. Some people are actually motivated by risk whilst some are risk adverse and I believe whatever side you sit this filters down into the organisation and contributes to the overall culture and the way you lead.

Look at companies who took huge risks and came out the other side:

  • Neflix was a content creator then became a distributor
  • Starbucks was a coffee wholesaler who now retail
  • Amazon purchasing Wholefoods and now having a bricks and mortar presence
  • Airbnb collaborated with Flight Centre for a mutual partnership

“To embrace unknown change, we need to take risks and get out embracing known change and being comfortable”

So, it sounds simple, doesn't it? Simple yes but not always easy to implement.

I believe it starts with you and these 3 tips below could assist:

Build Rapport

Rapport creates deep connection and influence. It also builds trust and openess in others and in turn can increase ones confidence to be more likely to voice their true intentions.

Take the time to build rapport and get to know your team and the true essence of who they are, their ideas and their abilities. Find things in common to break the ice, match the way they like to be communicated to and take the time to be present and listen to who they really are.


We all have strengths but very few of us stop and reflect on what we are good at that we actually enjoy. Do you know the strengths of those in your team, your peers, your up-line? By understanding what lights others up you can leverage these when trying something new and ensure people with a diversity of strengths can really tap into these for maximum results and effectiveness.

Read more here

Model the way

What are you doing to lead by example? Do you take risks, create and encourage change or stick to the status quo and never question the way things are done? Show your team the way to embrace the unknown and the cost of not doing this and staying comfortable. Celebrate success when things go well so when times get tough individuals can tap into the resources that got them there last time. When things go wrong work through the learnings as a team and don't forget to reinforce the steps or parts that did go well so you can replicate success next time!

What will it cost you and your organisation not to embrace the unknown?

I’d love to hear what you are doing to build a culture that embraces risk and change, encourages new ways of thinking and enables others to learn and grow from mistakes.

To being limitless!


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Pass it on, it’s your job!

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, It’s about what you inspire others to do.”

Early this year I was working with a senior Executive team who were extremely open about the fact that no member of their teams could replicate what they do. At first, I thought that what they were referring to was from a leadership perspective and I soon uncovered they meant that no one in their team had the knowledge base they had both at a technical and leadership level. This wasn’t good, and I stopped the conversation in it’s tracks to delve into what was really underlying this thought and more so, the behaviour.

In life, we can become attached to people, things, tasks, and even where we live. We hold on to things usually without conscious reasoning, and we do this for many reasons. Firstly, whatever we are holding onto may keep us safe. Security is one of the human needs so it can be natural to do what feels will keep us safe, secure and out of danger. Taking the easy road instead of going off the beaten track is a good example of this. Sticking to the safe way and being in a comfort zone is a strategy many people use and I always ask, “What is the cost of the easy road?”

Secondly, I believe we may hold onto something because it gives us a level of control.

Life has become chaotic, fast-paced and frantic, so many choices can make it overwhelming, and at times we feel out of control. This forces us to sometimes stick to the known as we gain a level of control from this even if it doesn't serve the greater good. You may know more about a process, strategy or plan than anyone else and therefore you have a level of control over it.

The third reason I think we sometimes hold onto things is that we get a level of significance from them. If you pioneered an idea, division or created a team, you may have an attachment that prevents you from letting go. The saying “But it’s my baby” sums this up perfectly. You feel needed and wanted, and your contribution is high to the process or progress but necessarily the people part of the equation.

For whatever reason and there are many more, I ask you to step back and look at why you do what you do? If you owned the business you work in, and maybe you do, would you have the same mindset of holding on to all you know and do?

In the example of the senior team I was working with, not creating empowerment in others is a death zone. In a leadership position, you are creating future leaders and leading current ones. You simply need to “pass it on.

Pass the baton and don’t just empower others but instead cultivate the behaviours for individuals to empower themselves. I believe empowering others has a temporary, effect; you need to drive behaviours for individuals to own their empowerment. Loose the need to add value and let people go away and work out the “how” in order to achieve the “what”. Teach them what you know but let them contribute their thoughts and ways.

Look at yourself as a coaching resource, a sounding board, almost like the conductor if the orchestra. You don’t need to play the instruments but instead, teach others and guide them to a symphony, much like a performance.

So how do create self-empowerment in others? Ongoing feedback and trust is vital as is identifying and satisfying what motivates individuals so they can layer this onto what they are strong at. Be open, be accessible and share what you know in order to pass on your legacy and help your team thrive.

I’d love to hear of the success you have and the ideas you implement to ensure knowledge and behaviours are passed on. You are a leader, its your job, pass it on!


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