43: Coaching and feedback to connect and empower

Studies have shown that regular feedback and coaching reduce turnover in companies, and their staff are more engaged when they receive regular feedback.  It is estimated that coaching can increase overall business performance by 70%, team effectiveness by 51%, and 72% of people coached regularly have improved their communication skills. 

Coaching helps us think for ourselves. And if you are a leader, it gives more time back to you. You'll often find that the more you ask questions of your team, the more they'll find answers on their own.  

It is important to ask questions, not to give answers. This enables you as a leader, to empower others and get the time back to do the things that matter. 

The following tips and strategies will help you coach effectively: 


1. Let go of the need to add value 

  • Empower others to think for themselves 
  • Check on how they came up with the solution before jumping in and providing the answer


2. Identify your team's strengths and maximize them 

  • Find out what your members are good at and enjoy doing and take advantage of that when you are delegating 
  • This will enhance the diversity of the group and raise efficiency as a whole 


3. Establish rapport 

  • Rapport equals influence and connection – build it.  
  • Understand people at a deep level. By having a more meaningful relationship with your team, you are building a platform to accelerate it. 


4. Your coaching session shouldn't be about you; it should be about them 

  • You may ask what they would like to discuss or focus on when you catch up 
  • Ask questions such as, “Why is that important?” What makes it challenging? What are the opportunities with that? Is that something you've done before? Is there anything else you can do? 
  • Conduct Stay Interviews. You can ask questions like “Why are you staying?” What motivates you to stay? Can you tell me what your purpose is here? Is there anything you need more of? Are there any things you need less of? 

By coaching and giving your team feedback, you are helping them improve their skills and help them achieve professional and personal goals.  

Don't wait until the end of a quarter or a month to celebrate wins, do so every day. Celebrate the individual and collective successes of your team members, and share best practices as a team. Create that healthy environment where your team can give and receive feedback regularly.