Limitless Leadership™ – Question why you do things….What’s your lamb roast?

Questioning others is a great way to understand, seek information, make others feel important and listened to. From a leadership perspective it can also empower others to come up with their own solutions, a bit like delegating thinking. Why then do we often forget to question ourselves and the things we do and think? Many […]

The Gift Mindset™: 6 Keys to Leading With Empathy

Empathy 6 keys to leading with empathy

When a colleague or direct report opens up to you about feeling overstretched and tired how do you respond? Do you respond with empathy or do you shut off as you have your own stuff to deal with? Empathy is one of the 12 Gifts to lead and be a Limitless Leader™ and the word […]

Limitless Leadership: Rapport equals influence in the coaching conversation

Rapport is like a boomerang, it will only come back if the connection is a mutual one. Rapport building is all about connection and taking the time to build deep connection and therefore meaningful relationships and influence. Rapport equates to influence. Some of the best leaders I work with are seen as a coaching resource. You can have the […]

Ramping up Risk – Embrace the Unknown

A few weeks ago, at the conclusion of running a 2-day program to a senior leadership team, one of the participants, let’s call him Ken asked me an interesting question. “In a company culture such as ours, where risk and making mistakes is shunned upon, how can we as leaders change this?” A great question I […]

Motivation Trumps Skill

‘Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.’ ―Thomas Jefferson For decades, motivation has been a major management and leadership issue. It has been the subject of many research studies by figures such as Fredrick Herzberg, Abraham Maslow, John Hunt and Clayton Alderfer. Many of their […]