We build relationships by learning about one another, exchanging thoughts, and trusting one another.  

This week, Renee speaks to Matt Murray about forging deeper connections and relationships, as well as meaningful interaction. Matt Murray, is the co-founder of CommonSense Event with Ronan Leonard and Renee runs a womans and mens event with them both called WAM. The goal of CommonSense Event is to get to know each other better and create deeper connections with people through Un-networking. 

“Unnetworking” is all about connecting through who you are and not what you do. 

If you want to know how to deepen your friendships, family relationships, relationships with your partner and colleagues, this episode is for you!  

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:  

  • Discover how you can connect and collaborate more effectively 
  • Learn how to improve your ability to form deeper connections and interactions with others 
  • Understand why trust is so important in order to have a great connection 

Episode Highlights:   

[1:57] Matt's Story and What Led Him to Do What He Does 

  • Matt Murray co-founded Common Sense Events with Ronan Leonard. These events are profound, and are all about un-networking. In these events, you get to meet new people, get to know who you are, and let people know what you can offer. 
  • He believes in the power of connection. He enjoys learning from and talking to people. He loves learning people's stories and understanding who they are. 
  • Matt ran an IT and telecommunications business for 25 years. Matt’s wife had a miscarriage and he had to leave the business and sell it to his business partner.   
  • Matt decided to create a job that would allow him to do the things that he wants 

[7:56] How CommonSense Events was Founded 

  • Matt formed a group of small people to help him become a better father, partner, friend, and individual. 
  • The group grew in numbers and that’s when he met Ronan. 
  • Ronan and Matt are to very different people who came together 

[11:36] Common Sense Events rules 

  • You can't talk work 
  • No sport talks 
  • Don't talk assets 
  • Don’t talk about the weather 

[20:57] Matt’s Biggest Life’s Lesson   

  • Be present.  
  • Children have a great way of seeing life, and Matt enjoys seeing the world through their eyes. 
  • It’s the little things that matter. 
  • History, you learn from. Future, you can aim for.  
  • The most interesting people and situations happen when we put ourselves out there and say Yes!  

[26:41] The Leader that Matt Admires 

  • The leader that Matt most learned from was his grandmother.  
  • Matt’s grandmother was stern to everybody else, but all Matt saw was her care and love for him. 
  • Matt's grandmother has influenced many decisions he has made, including his desire to be a better person, kinder, and to have a greater heart. 

[33:02] Building Connection and Collaboration 

  • Connection and collaboration come from trust. 
  • Focus on your strengths, but be aware of your weaknesses as well 
  • You can empower people to look at it as part of their idea, embedding the thought and them to actually make it their idea and encouraging them to carry that idea forward is always going to be more powerful than simply telling them to do it. 
  • If you want collaboration, simply be curious. Ask questions.  
  • Having a title isn't gonna help you if you're not doing the work or showing up. 
  • Ask for help. 
  • Connect deeper, connect heart-to-heart, and have great interactions 

[44:58] Matt's trivia 

  • Matt’s favorite word – Dodecahedron 
  • Matt’s Favorite sound – Partner’s snore 
  • Matt’s last meal on the last day on Earth – Sausage and bread 
  • Other profession, rather than what you're doing now – If what Matt’s doing now fails, he’ll just try again. 


[8:42] Renee: “I always say leverage strengths in a team and you'll have a dream team. Don't give people the things that don't light them up, because they'll do it. They'll comply, but they won't commit. Whereas, you know, if you're complimenting each other and leveraging the things you love doing, it doesn't feel like work. “  

[33:37] Matt: “You have a lot of people that micromanage people. It's the fastest way you're gonna lose people. Yeah. Um, and that's cause they're doing it from their head.” 

[33:45] Matt: “If you want that collaboration to really work, you've gotta have trust, but you've also gotta believe that those people are gonna do what they say they're gonna do.” 

[36:13] Renee: “Curiosity leads to creativity and the byproduct of creativity together is collaboration. “ 

[48:48] Matt: “Have a real look not at what you do, but who you are and the people that you surround yourself.” 


Contact Matt:  

LinkedIn:  @MattMurray 

Website: www.commonsenseevents.com.au 


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