Leadership starts with you. It is an inward job, and we need to lead ourselves before we can lead decisions and teams.

Many clients feel burnt out as they shift their focus from the pandemic haze to a super-highway running 120kms per hour. Many feel they have contributed so much, outside of themselves, with little energy and focus going back to the source, themselves, and their leadership.

Sometimes it is good to pause and look at why you are doing the things you do.

As part of a senior leadership program last month, we focused on 10 key tools and strategies (there were more) to create more ease, headspace, time, and stronger leadership.

I will share these 10 LeaderShifts over two posts to give you a chance to implement these and create habits and awareness of bringing these into your daily work life.

5 LeaderShifts to Change your World Part 1

1. Delegate what you like doing

We often delegate what bores us, but instead, we should delegate something we are no longer learning from. As a leader, I think it's selfish not to do this. Delegate as part of a master plan by understanding the skills of your co-workers and tapping into these—delegate based on strengths. Letting go of something you have learnt can empower others and free up your time to focus on progressive tasks often neglected.

2. Adopt a Gift Mindset to grow and empower others

This mindset is where we share the lessons gleaned from the challenges, mistakes and successes we encounter in the workplace. This helps us replicate success by sharing best practices and learnings as our lessons could be a survival guide for someone else. Create “Win Wednesday” where you and the team share successes and how these came to be and “Failure Fridays” where mistakes and challenges are shared and key learnings are discussed. Sharing our gifts increases contribution, connection and collaboration.

3. Create self-growth habits

The world is your oyster when it comes to learning on and off the job. Create self-growth habits to progress you and others forward. Embrace change and get comfortable getting uncomfortable. Create a reading habit, listen to podcasts, join an industry association and share learnings. Reframe challenges as growth opportunities and use these lessons to progress forward. Share your learnings with your peers or team.

4. Manage yourself to manage time

Time is inelastic; we all are given the same amount. On any day, we are given 32 sets of 25 -minute blocks; this equates to 160 opportunities per week to set aside focus time. Title each chunk of time with the focus or objective and shut down all programs except the one you are working in. Chunk your diary and jealously protect your time. Be intentional and planned, and see what happens! Know your time vampires; who and what drains your time?

The Pomodoro technique is great for individuals and teams. Use a timer to break your work into 25-minute intervals and watch productivity lift.

5. Build rapport to connect

Rapport is about connection and equates to influence. More than ever, we need to ramp up “real” in-person connections. Some people are saying they feel they have lost their social skills. Take the time to focus on similarities and minimise differences. Ask how people are and be present and listen. Think about the first 12 words you say when you open a conversation, make these impactful, not a mundane greeting. Think about your first twelve steps when you walk into a room, ensure your energy is higher than the room, and your posture is friendly and open. To lead the room, you need to read a room. These things can set the scene and determine the first impression you make. The good news is that every impression is the first impression, so that you can build on this.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on implementing these LeaderShifts.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming in 2 weeks.

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