Virtual Bite -Team Connection through Emotional Intelligence

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Virtual Bite

Team Connection through Emotional Intelligence

Tools, tips and actionable insights to re-connect and re-energise you and your team

November 16th 2021

Time: 12 pm-1:30 pm (AEST)



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Virtual Bite

Team Connection through Emotional Intelligence

Tools, tips and actionable insights to re-connect and re-energise you and your team

November 16th 2021

Time: 12 pm-1:30 pm (AEST)

With hybrid work in play and change and uncertainty a constant, we need to re-connect and re-energise our relationships with our teams, peers and customers. Strong Emotional Intelligence is an imperative component of the way we can achieve this.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is defined as the ability to identify, assess, and control one’s own emotions, the emotions of others, and that of groups. Mastering this skill is a non-negotiable if you are looking to deepen and develop the relationships and interactions you have within the workplace. A connected and collaborative workplace culture is more important than ever, and EI is the portal to achieving and sustaining this.

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of EI. When somebody lacks self-awareness, they lack the ability to monitor their inner world, their emotions and their thoughts. It is important to note that self-awareness is what we notice about ourselves and what we observe and monitor about our inner and outer worlds.

Strong EI is crucial in building strong relationships, interactions and cultures within and outside of your organisation.

The awareness that Emotional Intelligence is an important role and leadership skill surpasses technical ability and overall IQ in many cases.

In a Career Builder study across 2,600 hiring managers and leaders, there was some stand out findings.

  • 71% stated they valued EI over IQ
  • 75% were more likely to promote a highly emotionally intelligent worker

Right now, many leaders and teams are facing these challenges:

  • Juggling multiple responsibilities and getting caught up in the “doing” and not the “being
  • Hybrid and remote work is stifling connection, collaboration and motivation
  • Overwhelm of dealing with change, uncertainty, and new ways of thinking and working
  • Managing diversity of strengths, motivation, capability and personality types
  • Low trust within teams with many working remotely and feeling disconnected
  • Feeling time poor and often skill stretched leading to disengagement
  • Process, progress and performance is a key focus, and the “people” piece is being missed
  • A highly technically focus is hindering human-centric deep connection

Key workshop themes:

  • Connection is key
  • Balancing head, heart and gut
  • The importance of EI in teams
  • Self-awareness and mindset check-in
  • The 8 traits to build high EI
  • The 4 areas of EI
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-management
    • Social awareness
    • Relationship management
  • Interpreting your EI survey results (EI survey included)
  • Connection hacks checklist
  • Plan of action to bring the session to life!

This is for Leaders, teams and business owners who are:

  • Ready to re-connect and ramp up collaboration and motivation
  • Wanting to understand EI at a deeper level with tools to implement
  • Looking to have deeper and more meaningful relationships
  • Wanting to invest in themselves and their team

What you get:

  • A 90-minute live workshop with Renée Giarrusso
  • Full session manual
  • Access to FREE leadership & team resources
  • The space to explore and expand

WHEN: Nov 16th

TIME: 12-1:30pm

WHERE: Interactive Zoom webinar

Investment: $97+GST pp

  • Commitment to session
  • Readiness to contribute and learn

Registrations close on November 8th; places are limited.

We have absolutely loved the content, energy and passion Renée has delivered throughout our virtual workshop series. She has an innate ability to engage and create interaction from wherever she presents. The sessions were both informative and inspiring and the feedback across the entire business was extremely positive.” GM- Sales

New Virtual Bites sessions will be released regularly; keep up to date on our EVENTS page!

These sessions can be tailored and run in-house; please contact us at to explore this option.

We look forward to seeing you there for an immersive and interactive session!


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