Lead through Uncertainty with a Gift Mindset®

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Lead through Uncertainty with a Gift Mindset – Masterclass

Connect and contribute to your leadership and team

3 hour – Live Online Workshop – October 7th 9-12 pm (AEST)

Earlybird price of $247+GST available until the 15th of September pp

From 16 September $297+GST pp

Each ticket is sold separately to ensure each participant receives their resources.


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Lead through Uncertainty with a Gift Mindset® Masterclass

Connect and contribute to your leadership and team

Live Online workshop – October 7th 9-12 pm (AEST)

As a leader, it can get lonely. Leading through uncertainty, managing strategy, technology, hybrid work, people, processes, innovation, and so much more can take its toll. Keeping people motivated, connected and collaborative is vital to success. Bringing the Gift Mindset into your leadership is the portal to achieving this and is a key trait of a Limitless Leader, one that evolves, learns, unlearns and relearns.

Right now, many leaders and teams are facing these challenges:

  • Dealing with change, uncertainty, and new ways of thinking and working
  • Juggling many responsibilities and getting caught up in the “doing” and not the “being.”
  • Lacking reflection time resulting in low connection and collaboration
  • Feeling time poor and often skill stretched leading to disengagement, disconnection and low motivation
  • Process, progress and performance is a key focus, and the “people” piece is being missed
  • Highly technically focused leading to a lack of development of soft “life” skills such as; resilience, gratitude, courage, connection, empathy and curiosity
  • Low trust within teams with many working remotely and feeling disconnected
  • A culture that has or is becoming transactional and performance-based
  • Limited inward focus can result in a lack of adaptability, innovation and learning
  • Fear of judgement from others resulting in suppression of individuals and teams sharing experiences and lessons.

Imagine LEADING with a GIFT MINDSET®, where our biggest lessons come through embracing, not resisting, the challenges and successes we experience and sharing these.

Renee Giarrusso Gift Mindset Ladder Model

Workplace culture is made up of shared values, beliefs and social behaviours and so often, these can be hidden, stifled or not lived within the organisation. The lessons we learn need to be shared to empower others, create openness and trust and in the process become a survival guide for others, including that for future leaders.

Gifts can come in many forms; we need to be open to unwrapping them. These lessons can come from both challenging and positive people and situations and can be from the past, the present or the future. By adopting the Gift Mindset®, we get to live our legacy by leading a workplace culture of purpose, connection and contribution.

If we choose not to learn from and share our lessons, we risk robbing others of our insights or, worse, contributing mindlessly to a world already heavy with distraction and clutter.


Adopting the Gift Mindset is a key trait of Limitless Leaders and organisations.

We are super excited to announce a 3-hour live online workshop where Renée will guide you through:

  • Unwrapping the Gift Mindset
  • What it is and why it matters in leadership and teams
  • The 4 drivers
  • The pathway to a Gift Mindset Culture
  • Barriers that stifle
  • How to adopt the Gift Mindset
  • Unwrapping of 3 vital Gifts: Resilience, Optimism and Gratitude
  • Tools, tips and insights to take away

This is for Leaders, HR and Sales Managers:

  • Looking to lead with purpose, connection and contribution
  • Prepared to unwrap lessons from challenging and positive experiences
  • Ready to deepen and develop resilience, optimism and gratitude in their leadership and team
  • Wanting to invest in themselves and their team
  • Ready to take their mindset and life in and out of work to another level

What you get:

  • A 3-hour live workshop
  • Session manual
  • A copy of Renée’s new book Gift Mindset
  • Access to FREE Gift Mindset infographics & resources
  • The space to explore and unwrap how to lead with a Gift mindset


  • Earlybird until 15 September $247+GST pp
  • From 16 September $297+GST pp
  • Commitment to session
  • Readiness to contribute and learn

This workshop can be run within your organisation as well virtually for Leaders and their teams.

Registrations close October 2nd; places are limited.




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