Supercharge Working in a Hybrid Environment-Virtual Bite

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Supercharge Working in a Hybrid Environment – Virtual Bite

90 minute – Live Online Workshop – September 30th 11 am to 12.30 pm (AEST)

Early Bird $77+GST until 15 September

From 16 to 30 September $97+GST

Each ticket is sold separately.


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Supercharge Working in a Hybrid Environment – Virtual Bite

Live Online workshop – September 30th 11 am to 12.30 pm (AEST)

In a time of uncertainty and change, with our physical working environment shifting, never has there been a time where leadership of self and others has been more important.

Working within a remote team is fast becoming part of the new normal due to the accessibility of technology, better working practices and a downturn in the need to invest in expensive offices. Our success requires us to take a psychological and physical shift in how we think and what we do.

Going from working in an office environment where we are physically working with others to working remotely changes how we connect and collaborate with others. As much as working remotely can increase productivity, research shows it can also lower collaboration and connection, so focusing on this must be a priority.

Being open to new ways of working will allow you to focus on the things that will ensure you serve yourself, your team and your organisation when working from anywhere.

Working and leading in a hybrid environment is here to stay, and the good news is we can make it for ourselves!

In this informative and inspiring Virtual Bite, Renée will share tools, insights and strategies to supercharge remote working, including how to:

  • ADJUST your mindset, beliefs and habits
  • ADAPT to your environment and technology
  • AMPLIFY your communication and connection

This energetic session will provide practical insights and tools that can supercharge new ways of thinking and working remotely and give you an overview of key areas.

Gain CONTROL, get CLARITY and AMPLIFY collaboration when working from anywhere.

Leading and working within a remote team is a challenge for many people and my sole purpose for creating and sharing dynamic and easy to apply tools and strategies.
Personally, leading and working remotely for over two decades, the good news is as much as it can be challenging it can be productive, collaborative and rewarding.

Are you:

  • Looking for some easy to implement mindset and leadership hacks
  • Ready to take hybrid work to the next level
  • Feeling overwhelmed by ongoing change
  • Finding communication and connection are sometimes stifled
  • Feeling isolated from your team and colleagues
  • Looking for ways to forge deeper and more meaningful interactions virtually
  • Challenged to get your head around a new way of working, again!
  • Realising that old habits and routines are no longer serving you
  • Ready to set boundaries and reset the way you have been working
  • Take the time to invest in making the space to adapt, adjust and amplify new ways of thinking and working.

What you get:

  • A 90-minute live workshop with Renée
  • Full session manual
  • Access to 2 FREE Online “Supercharge Working Remotely” modules
  • A dynamic and informative space to learn and grow


  • $77+GST pp early bird to 15 September
  • $97+GST pp from 16 September
  • Commitment to session
  • Readiness to contribute and learn

Places are limited

Registrations close 29 September 5pm.

This workshop can be tailored and run in-house within your organisation. 


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