Create Future Leaders Series #3 How to delegate thinking so you can focus on what matters.

This week we are going to delve into a topic I am extremely passionate about, and that is delegating thinking to others! In my last blog we looked at the 3C ‘s to your success being Capability, Confidence and Capacity. I believe if you get these right and in balance, you are setting yourself up for […]

Break Out Those Ruby Red Shoes

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Is every day easy? Do you feel no stress? Do you have the real drive for anything? If the answer is yes, yes, yes, you are in that bricked-up cycle known as the comfort zone a haven that surrounds you.  […]

Lose the need to add value and do what really matters

Last month when working with a senior executive, let’s call her Alex, I blurted out the heading of this blog “Lose the need to add value”. Alex was stunned and just stared at me and said, “Can you say that again?” Let me put this in context, this executive, has a team of 12 direct […]

Move it, Groove it-Maximise focus and productivity!

When I was a child I vividly remember the toy room that my sister and I just adored. We shared a bedroom and our parents set up the other bedroom as an amazing toy room, somewhere we could play, let our imaginations run wild and create our own little world with friends. I can still […]

Give your team the destination, not the directions

As children we don’t like being told to do certain things. I believe, as we get older this annoys us even more, maybe it’s an anchor created from being told to do things as child by our teachers and parents? I know personally I love a deadline and a goal. I find wonder and excitement […]