Limitless leadership: Keys to Success to be a Limitless Leader!

“You are energy What you think begins it What you feel amplifies it What you action will determine what happens next”
 Renée Giarrusso
 In my favourite movie the Wizard of Oz, the leading character, Dorothy, is taken on a life-changing journey where she leaves the comfort of her home in Kansas City to explore the great […]

The Kindred Executive: Step Into Service & Raise Your Leadership By Lifting Others

There are three key influencers for career potential, progression and success: your Leaders, your Mentors and your Networks. The best leaders know how to get the most out of people; they enable the full potential in others. Anyone leading a team or business will at some stage be faced with feeling lonely and disconnected. It […]

Limitless Leadership: Are you a limitless leader?

We have developed a simple tool to help you identify your leadership mindset, potential and opportunity to become a ‘Limitless Leader.’ Take the test! Your responses are anonymous and the results summarised to help us better understand where out market sits, so that we we can continue to provide, insights, tools and solutions to assist you […]

Create Future Leaders Series #7 How to delegate what you like doing

man and woman in feedback conversation

Following on from my last blog, we explored the importance and ideas to understand and leverage motivation of those in your team. A great way to identify and satisfy strengths of others is to delegate. Both as part of succession and part of a master plan for each person. It is also one of the […]

Lead Future Leaders Series #5 Does your why to create future leaders exceed your why to stay the same?

Working with hundreds of leaders over the last decade has given me amazing insights into how leaders deal or not deal with change. A topic that comes up a lot lately is around why should leaders create future leaders? In my last blog, we looked at ways to ensure you maintain and grow your leadership mojo which will […]