Limitless Leadership™ – Question why you do things….What’s your lamb roast?

Questioning others is a great way to understand, seek information, make others feel important and listened to. From a leadership perspective it can also empower others to come up with their own solutions, a bit like delegating thinking. Why then do we often forget to question ourselves and the things we do and think? Many […]

The Top Shelf Leader-Which shelf do you sit on?

bottle on shelves

It was a late Friday afternoon in July on a gloomy mid-winters day in Melbourne. Following a full week of delivering workshops a delirious Renée and Shelley happened to catch each other over the phone. It is rare for these two to actually speak in real time without the standard back-and-forth missed calls and voicemails.

The Gift Mindset™: 6 Keys to Leading With Empathy

Empathy 6 keys to leading with empathy

When a colleague or direct report opens up to you about feeling overstretched and tired how do you respond? Do you respond with empathy or do you shut off as you have your own stuff to deal with? Empathy is one of the 12 Gifts to lead and be a Limitless Leader™ and the word […]

Limitless Leadership™: Are you having blockbuster conversations?

popcorn blockbuster netflix image

There are only two Blockbusters left in the world, and one is closing. The last of the movie rental stores in Australia will close at the end of the month. I heard this news as I was driving to facilitate a workshop early one morning recently.  Maybe I was tired. Maybe it was the heavy rain and […]

LIMITLESS LEADERSHIP™ Performance previews trump performance reviews

let your team interview you

The longer we keep looking back in the rear view mirror, it takes away from everything that’s moving forward. With mid-year reviews fast approaching for many organisations I wanted to share with you a few tips to ensure these conversations cut through the clutter and maximise this valuable time. Previews versus Reviews Those that know […]