Limitless Leadership™ – Question to create empowerment in your team

We learn about life by asking questions. Children naturally start learning about the world by observing, testing and questioning “why.” The more open the question we ask the more we learn. As a manager or leader coaching, the more open questions we ask the coachee the more the coachee will learn, sometimes about what they […]

Limitless Leadership: Cross Leadership – are you across it?

let your team interview you

In any role we need to lead self and master our leadership from the inside out.  Self-leadership is the centre of our success irrelevant of whether you are leading a direct team or not. Too often we can get caught up in the sole responsibility of what we are doing and only believe we are leading […]

Limitless Leadership: Promote stay interviews to retain and grow talent

“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.”  – Daniel Kahneman Those who know me know I am a huge advocate for ongoing feedback and performance previews, as opposed to reviews. I believe if dialogue and communication is open, clear, honest and consistent between all parties there should be no […]

Limitless Leadership: How healthy is your leadership mojo

This week we are going to delve into a topic I am extremely passionate about, and that is how to master and maintain what I call your leadership mojo! In such a fast- paced time we need to be at our best and balance our leadership to be able to do the things that really matter. […]

Limitless Leadership: Sharing your scars can be beautiful

“Wabi sabi – the philosophy that says the beauty of things are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, the opposite of our classical Western notion of beauty as being something that is perfect, enduring, and monumental” In 2016, the notion of “wabi sabi” made its way into home-wares and industrial design. Many Cafes and homes were and […]