Limitless Leadership™: Are you Zoomed out?

Moving from onsite to remote work requires us to shift our psychology as well as our physical environment. Many clients and colleagues, me included are feeling super drained, tired and almost over having countless virtual meetings via platforms such as Zooms, Skype and Teams.

Limitless Leadership™: Supercharge Working Remotely

Limitless Leadership™ is based on the premise of learning, unlearning, forever evolving and having an infinite mindset of what could be. Whether you are managing teams on site or remotely, leadership can be learnt and built upon. In today’s workforce, managers can often be the unsung heroes. Pivotal to an employee’s performance, motivation and happiness […]

13. How to Build Confidence – even when faced with uncertainty

How to Build Confidence – even when faced with uncertainty A topic Renee is often asked about is how to build confidence, whether you’re stepping up into a more senior role, or with emerging leaders going into new roles. Also, due to current circumstances (with many people now faced with uncertainty) on this episode, Renee […]

Limitless Leadership™: Maximise productivity working remotely

home office

How do you maximise productivity while working remotely? Last week I was speaking with a client about  how to maximise productivity while working remotely. I shared my office set up with him and the way I categorise tasks and resources in different locations.

Limitless Leadership™: Pivot, innovate and explore new ways of working.

pivot innovate adn explore new ways of working

I’ll be the first to say that our business has been hit hard as so much of our client interaction is face to face. At times like this we need to pivot, innovate and explore new ways of working. Navigating the virtual leadership world Earlier this week I ran a virtual workshop to a group […]