One thing is certain; we are all living and working in a time of constant change and uncertainty.

Working and leading in a hybrid environment, many leaders and teams feel overstretched, disconnected from each other and frustrated with the changing tides of lockdown.

A bit like being in a car that is constantly accelerating and then braking, this type of environment can be unsettling and can stifle motivation, productivity and wellbeing.

Leading hybrid teams and juggling a million balls, including strategy, systems, people, skills, innovation, sales, and so much more, certainly adds to the exhaustion.

We find many of our clients, and people in general, are saying they feel tired, burnt out and overwhelmed.

Does this sound like you or your team?

Working within and leading a hybrid team is fast becoming part of the new normal, and the success of you and your team comes down to having:

  • clear PURPOSE and deep COMMITMENT

As part of our valued community, our gift to you is FREE ACCESS to Modules 1 and 2 of the “Supercharge Leading Remotely” online course, which will deep dive into these skills!

What you get in the toolkit

  • Free access to modules 1 & 2
  • Educational videos
  • 2 x workbooks to work through in your time or with your team
  • Additional resources to read and listen to
  • A quiz to complete at the end

Module 1 – Mindset Matters

Key themes

  • Mindset and where it comes from
  • The process of thoughts, feelings and actions
  • The three facets of self-awareness
  • Inner dialogue and how to control it
  • Bubble vs a bursting mindset and beliefs that serve you

Module 2 – Purpose, Commitment & Motivation

Key themes

  • The Commitment Quadrant and your position
  • Building a cadence of accountability
  • Purpose of self and team
  • The belief of self and team
  • Understanding motivation and how to tap into it

To adjust, adapt and amplify both the psychological and physical aspects when leading from anywhere, join our online program!

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