In this solo episode, I talk about the importance of self-leadership and how it can transform our lives and careers. As leaders, we often neglect ourselves as we juggle work, life, and everything else happening in the world. Unfortunately, this has led to Australia having the highest reported rate of burnout globally. It's time to prioritise our wellbeing, integrate balance into our lives, and focus on people over progress.

Key Take Aways:

We discuss key strategies for self-care, setting boundaries, gratitude, delegation, and embracing challenges as opportunities. Remember to spend time in nature and prioritise self-care to grow and better serve others.

  • The high rate of burnout and its impact
  • Building connection and purpose in the workplace
  • Creating a No List
  • Setting boundaries and prioritising self-care
  • The power of meaningful relationships
  • Practicing gratitude for personal and professional growth


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