In this episode, Renee speaks with David Fish, a globally recognised strategist, business leader and record-breaking pilot. David's book “What it Takes to Create Winning Presentations” is structured around 12 tools, organised into four toolboxes: clear, concise, compelling, and simple. These tools help understand the audience, organize content concisely, create a compelling story structure, and ensure the message is understood and conveyed effectively.

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Key Take Aways:

We discuss his new book which emphasises the importance of seeking different perspectives, tailoring communication to meet client needs, and using storytelling and emotion to engage audiences. David shares insights on simplifying content, maintaining virtual audience engagement, and creating positive and engaging introductions.

  • The importance of presentation skills
  • A leader David amires
  • Shifting mindset to focus on solving audience's needs
  • Structuring presentations with clear, concise, compelling, and simple tools
  • Adapting presentations for virtual settings
  • Keeping the audience engaged and avoiding disconnection
  • Tips for overcoming nervousness
  • Using headlines to tell the story.

Contact David:

David Fish Website

What it Takes to Create Winning Presentations book

David Fish LinkedIn

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