38: Unwrapping my biggest 7 lessons turning 50!

Many people who turn 40, or 50 want to hide, however Renee believes that age is just a number and it comes down to how you think and feel and your relationship with time. Life is here – what we do with it is what counts.  

So, here are Renee’s top 7 tips that’s she’s learned over the last 50 years to help you make each year count: 

1. Walk your Own Path 

  • No-one is you, nor will they ever be you – embrace it! Embrace you!  
  • If you’re thinking about making a change – make sure your why to change is exceeding your ‘why not’ to change

2. Everything Happens for a Lesson 

  • Life throws us curve balls – what we do with them is what matters
  • Ask yourself ‘What is the lesson, what is the gift in this?’ 

3. Learn Something New Everyday 

  • Renee’s mother always asked her: ‘What’s the best thing that has happened and what have you learned?’
  • Are you getting outside of your comfort zone? It’s the only way you can grow. 

4. Show Kindness and Gratitude  

  • You never know what is going on in another person’s life.
  • Showing gratitude can cause a ripple effect and impact others in a way you’ll never know 

 5. Do What Lights You Up 

  • What gives you a pep in your step? Do that!
  • Know what lights you up and bring it into your life as much as you can 

6. Make a Start – Take Action 

  • If something feels right to you – pursue it
  • You are the CEO of your life – only you can make things happen 

7. See Challenges as Opportunities 

  • Challenges come at us no matter what – they can teach us so much if we’re willing to embrace them
  • When we welcome the unwelcome – we can change our mindset to be open to new ways 

In summary:

Who we are and who we are continually becoming – continues to evolve as you become the best version of yourself.   

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