Building a strong Culture and Team in a Remote Environment

Joining me on today is Jamie Cooke, CEO of Drummond Golf Australia.

From a small store in Bendigo in 1974, Drummond Golf has grown to become Australia’s largest golf retailer with 50 stores nationwide.

On today’s show, Jamie shares:

  • The cores values, which have shaped Drummond Golf’s culture and enabled them to thrive in a remote environment
  • Two critical things Drummond Golf has invested in continuously
  • How Drummond Golf is able to share Best Practice in a remote environment across its 50 stores
  • How Drummond Golf has been able to replicate success in a Franchisee, remote environment
  • How Drummond Golf is able to communicate effectively with a diverse team across a remote environment and much more



Jamie Cooke is the CEO of Drummond Golf.

Drummond Golf is Australia's premier golf retailer and has been around for over 40 years, providing the largest range of the world's leading golf brands at a competitive price for golfers at all levels and at all ages.

From a small store in Bendigo, in 1974, Drummond Golf has grown to a 50-store retailer, nationwide, with owner-operated stores guaranteeing quality service, expert knowledge, convenience and competitive pricing across all stores.

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