2021 has been a huge year of learning and growth and also one of opportunity.

At this time of year, it's a great time to reflect and adopt what I call a Gift Mindset®.

To do this, we need to deepen our self-awareness and unwrap the gifts that have helped us grow through either the challenges or successes we have faced.

Every positive or negative experience remains a one-dimensional “event” until we explore and accept what has happened and apply and share what we have learnt. There is a gift in every situation if we take the time to explore it, not worry about judgement from others and be open to the learnings.

Our lessons can fall into “The 12 Gifts” including soft skills such as resilience, empathy, connection and gratitude.

When we know what our lessons are, we can deepen and develop the skills that helped us through, both in and out of the workplace.

Our gifts could be a survival guide for someone else! 

Sometimes, and I can vouch for this, the less than great people or situations in our life or the hard slog to success are the things that teach us the most. It may take a while to see the gift but there is always something there if you make reflective time a priority and peel back the layers.

🎁 What gift could you unwrap and share? 

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