When working remotely, the first thing that we miss is the physicality of working with other people.

As much as remote work can increase productivity, connection and collaboration can be hindered if we don’t regularly review and renew what is working as far as communication is concerned.

Technology will never fully replace human interaction, but it is a resource we need to understand and leverage, or we will be left behind. Never have we been so connected and if we use the right systems in the right way, the sky is the limit as to where we can work and what we can achieve.

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The evidence

One of the most collaborative and visually connecting technologies is video conferencing. Think Zoom, Skype and Webex, to name a few. More engaging and true-to-life video solutions are replacing audio-only conference calls. There are many articles published attributing video communication to an increase in productivity, better-connected teams, it is more straightforward, and a more engaging way to meet.

To continue to develop your team, tap into online courses, internal learning platforms and virtually run programs and webinars.

Utilising technology, when working remotely, helps alleviate the challenges of working alone. Although you aren’t ‘pressing the flesh’ so to speak, it's the second-best thing to bridge the gap many face working in remote teams.

A 2019 Impact of video conferencing report found:

  • 94% of businesses say video conferencing increases productivity
  • 90% of respondents say video makes it easier to get their point across
  • 89% of respondents agree that video conferencing reduces time to complete projects or tasks
  • 89% of users say video conferencing helps them feel connected
  • 99% of respondents think that improving communication and collaboration can impact productivity positively
  • 87% of employees not physically present for a meeting report feeling better engaged with colleagues through video

Tap into what your team needs

Mix up your interactions and tap into the preferences of what your team needs.

  • Supercharge video conferencing tips
  • Dress for work, not for Netflix
  • Our physiology creates our psychology
  • Ensure the frame behind you represents you professionally
  • Create rules around cameras on/off, muting and question time
  • Dial-up your energy by 20%
  • Actively listen
  • Match pace, pitch and words
  • Give the speaker undivided attention and acknowledge them
  • Defer judgement until all have spoken
  • Provide feedback
  • Match sitting or standing posture
  • Stand up to increase your energy on longer calls
  • Make sure your hands are in screen view

As always, I’d love to hear what is working for you.

Lead to be limitless,

Signed Reneé

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