Since the commencement of 2022, we have had the pleasure of bringing together leaders from diverse industries to learn, connect and collaborate as we connect and grow with other leaders.

We have created an amazing program to facilitate this, called the Limitless Leaders 90-Day Connection.

This program was born out of a need to create a dynamic space where leaders could connect outside their organisation whilst further developing the key enablers to accelerate their leadership, communication and mindset.

The 90-day Connection is a dynamic learning experience that will take your leadership and performance to the next level.

It is a rolling 3-month program created to bring like and unlike minded leaders from organisations and businesses together. This program is for leaders who want the space to step away from their industry to learn, grow and connect with others from diverse industries in real-time, within openly facilitated regular forums in a learn-and-do environment.

At each 90-day immersion, we focus on a different theme based on what YOU need right now.

The previous 2 programs focused on Leading Self and Leading People, and kicking off in August; we will focus on the key enablers and tools to Lead and Develop High Performing Teams.

90 Day Connection Delivery mode

The mix of delivery modes in this program (masterclass, group mentoring, mastermind and coaching) is the same for each 90-day program and focus on immersing attendees in the content and the experience. It provides the space to apply newly found practices back in the workplace.

Learning in a variety of ways opens contribution and the ability to practice, take the time to self-reflect and plan and share experiences in real time. It also makes for a fun and immersive experience!

True commitment, effective communication and deep Connection are key in any leadership role, team and workplace culture. Limitless Leaders lead limitless teams creating a forever evolving limitless culture.

 Being part of 2 of the Limitless Leaders 90-day programs has been an amazing experience. These sessions are very engaging and interactive, combined with Renee's passionate and enthusiastic drive. I am benefiting by the training and coaching and feel privileged to be part of this program that RG Dynamics is providing. The guidance and tools delivered in the workshops, coaching and mastermind sessions are really helping me grow personally and professionally. If you are looking to elevate your leadership, mindset and communication and grow and connect with others outside of your industry I’d highly recommend this program. ~ Priya Srikanth – Regional Manager Workskil Australia

Lead and Develop High Performing Teams

For our next immersion, the key program themes include:

  • Limitless team ladder and position
  • Stages of team development
  • The 11 keys to Connection of self and others
  • Dynamics of team building
  • The team building toolbox
    • Interactive activities to embed
    • 2 Sides IN 2 Minutes game (1 copy per person)
  • Challenging the status quo
    • Using curiosity to collaborate
  • Mastermind on team challenges
  • Leading a hybrid team
  • Developing high performance
  • Framing expectations
  • Situational coaching styles and plan
  • Strength analysis of team
  • Action plan to implement

90-day Program – What You Get

  • Access to all 4 immersions
  • 1 x full-day face-to-face live workshop
  • 1 x Master Mentoring session (virtual)
  • 1 x Mastermind session (virtual)
  • 30 minute 1:1 check in with Renée during the program
  • All materials and resources
  • A forum to learn, grow and share
  • Morning and afternoon tea and lunch
  • 2 Sides IN 2 Minutes-The game to boost communication
  • Copy of Renee’s two award-winning books, Limitless Leadership and Gift Mindset®
  • Access to the “Supercharge Working Remotely” online program (Valued at $389)
  • Group Mentoring and Group Mastermind session and 1:1 coaching session will follow this workshop during September and October.

Find out more

Suppose you are a leader or business owner with a growth mindset who wants to step away from their industry to contribute, connect and collaborate with others from diverse industries in real-time, within openly facilitated regular forums in a learn-and-do environment. In that case, you can find out more about how you can be involved in this career changing program, visit the 90-day Connection Program or reach out to us to book a discovery call with Renée.