Limitless Leaders

Group Mentoring Program

90-day Connection

Connect. Contribute. Collaborate.

Accelerate communication, leadership and mindset through an interactive and dynamic learning experience to take your leadership and performance to the next level.

The Limitless Leaders Group Mentoring program is a rolling 3-month program created to bring like and unlike minded leaders from organisations and businesses together.

Working with leaders and teams within organisations for almost two decades I have identified a real need to create an immersive public program to provide a forum where leaders and business owners can connect, contribute and collaborate with others outside of their industry.

By creating a cohort of like and unlike minded leaders, who meet regularly, the Limitless Leaders Group Mentoring program will bolster onto current capability and accelerate leadership and performance by providing a space to learn and grow as a group, on one journey, sharing the diversity of experience and skill.

Are you ready to…

  • Step back from the day to day and further develop your leadership

  • Learn, grow and share with others outside of your industry

  • Shift from the overwhelm of a management mindset to a clearer and more focused leadership mindset

  • Create a self-reflective space for regular sharing of best practice, ideas, challenges and future thinking

  • Learn new ways of thinking and working to navigate the subjective challenges of leadership in real time

  • Be exposed to key communication, leadership and mindset enablers, tools and insights to lift your performance and that of your team

  • Increase the 3 success factors of future leadership that are adaptability, innovation and collaboration

  • Contribute and immerse yourself in a dynamic learn and do environment

Who is this for?

This program is for leaders and business owners with a growth mindset who want to step away from their industry to contribute, connect and collaborate with others from diverse industries in real-time, within openly facilitated regular forums in a learn-and-do environment.

We are excited to launch the first intake kicking off February 2022…

Limitless Leaders

Group Mentoring Program!

90-Day Connection

Industry leaders

90 days (Feb-April)

4 Immersions:

Master Mentoring
Master You

Limitless Leaders embrace collective leadership and love to learn, unlearn, relearn and evolve. They know leadership has no final destination. It is limitless. It is 3 dimensional. Leaders need to lead self before they can lead others and influence decisions.

One of the mental frameworks, as a Limitless Leader, is to adopt a Gift Mindset. This is where we lead by example by being open to accepting and sharing the gifts and lessons in both the challenging and positive experiences. Creating regular forums to share learnings, failures, mistakes and successes enables replication of success and support to learn from and move beyond mistakes.

The future of leadership requires us to be adaptive, innovative and collaborative with each of these traits closely related. Taking risks, learning new things and embracing change is key.

Limitless Leaders™ create a connected and collaborative culture that accelerates future leaders. They increase the performance and motivation of the organisation by growing themselves in order to be in service to others. They take responsibility, not just for their own role but for the success of their team, peers, customers and organisation as a whole.

Commitment to our leadership, clear communication and deep connection are key to lead in such an everchanging world and these 3 elements are core to a limitless leader.

During our programs we take you from where you are on the limitless ladder to being STAND OUT and LIMITLESS where you lead your organisation and industry.

Leadership Ladder

Leadership Ladder

We find by shifting mindset; applying new ways of thinking and tools, we elevate executives from below the line, (refer the model on the left) to above the line where they become leaders of teams, leaders of leaders, and industry.

To go from a ‘manager’ mindset to a ‘leader’ mindset takes skill, a will, energy, drive, ambition and some smarts. It all starts with self-leadership and choosing to lead.

To create Limitless Leadership™, leadership that never ends or stops growing and evolving, we need to look on the inside first and decide to commit, learn, unlearn and learn again.

True commitment, effective communication and deep connection are vital.

The program in a nutshell

The Limitless Leaders Connection will run in 90-day segments with a nominated theme for each. Leaders can enter the program at the start of any quarter and continue through the program that will run ongoing with new themes and content each and every quarter.

2022 Program Overview

Quarter 1

When: February-April 2022

Theme: Lead Self

Bookings Now Open

Quarter 2

When: May to July 2022

Theme: Lead People

Quarter 3

When: August to October 2022

Theme: Lead Change & Culture

Quarter 4

When: November 2022 to January 2023

Theme: Lead Growth & Future

Each Limitless Leaders 90-Day Connection includes:


Master Mentoring


Master You

The mix of delivery modes in this program (masterclass, group mentoring, mastermind and coaching) will stay the same for each quarter and focus on immersing attendees in the content and the experience. It provides the space to apply newly found practices back in the workplace.

Learning in a variety of ways opens contribution and the ability to practice, take the time to self-reflect and plan and share experience in real time. It also makes for a fun and immersive experience!

1st Qtr Bookings are now open – click here to register

Quarter 1 | February – April 2022 | Theme: Lead Self

Leadership starts with you and self-leadership is the foundation to success in any role.

As leaders, we need to self-lead before we lead people, and lead and influence decisions. Unfortunately, self-leadership often gets put on the backburner as the focus is on “doing” and not “being”. This can result in a lack of direction and focus, motivation and energy to lead effectively.

There is a balancing act in leadership – how we led ourselves is a direct line to how we lead others. Who we are in those moments when people look to us for guidance is equally, if not more important than, everything else we do. You cannot lead others unless you are leading yourself first.

Let's kick off with our 1st program!


Q1 Limitless Leaders 90-Day Connection includes…


1 day / February 10th
Face to face – CBD Melbourne

This 1-day interactive immersion creates the space for you to step back and work on your leadership and plan out the next 90 days. There will be a mix of content, skill practice and connection with others and time to plan and work on your leadership.

Morning, afternoon tea and lunch is provided and the venue will be Melbourne CBD.

Framework (not limited to):

  • Program overview and intention
  • Connection hub-introductions
  • Challenge and opportunity check in
  • Limitless leadership position
  • Leadership values, purpose and beliefs
  • Strength and EI analysis
  • 6 keys to optimising self-leadership and resilience
  • Your leadership strategy
  • Power of self-awareness, mindset and motivation
  • Understanding and creating self-leadership habits
  • Person brand and leveraging social media
  • Building strategic relationships
  • Your 90-day plan and checklist
  • Creating boundaries and goals
  • Intention and accountability buddy action plan

Master Mentoring

2 hours / March 10th

During this 2-hour group mentoring session, all attendees will get to share what they are working on, challenges they are facing and progress they are making. This is a powerful approach to build momentum and address progress, challenges and questions in real time. During this session, we delve deeper into key topics and ideas relevant to the group.

Group Mentoring:

  • Builds a cadence of accountability and momentum
  • Provides focus on current themes and challenges
  • Sharing of learnings, therefore, replicating success
  • Opens the space for Q&A
  • Deeper topic focus


2.5 hours / April 7th

Mastermind is a process where a group of people come together to share and discuss challenges or opportunities within a group. There is a structure to follow where the group provides questions and insights to the topic being discussed under strict timelines which creates contribution, new ideas and a rhythm to come to a solution quickly.

This provokes and initiates new ways of thinking and working, sharing of ideas and is a dynamic way to problem solve whilst utilising the richness of the group.

This is a structured 2.5 hour session where each attendee gets the opportunity to share and gain feedback from the group on:

  • an idea
  • opportunity
  • challenge

Master You

30 minutes / On Demand
Virtual 1:1 coaching check in

At any time throughout the 90-day program, you can access a 1 x 30-minute Coaching call with Renée. This call can be utilised to check in, be coached through a challenge, decision or opportunity or you can gain insight into anything relevant to move you forward.

Program Includes

  • Access to all 4 immersions
  • All materials and pre-work
  • A forum to learn, grow and share
  • Access to the “Supercharge Working Remotely” online program
  • Copy of Renee’s two books; Limitless leadership and the Gift Mindset®
  • 30-minute 1:1 check in with Renée during the program


  • Your time and commitment to the 90-day program
  • $3,500 plus GST per qtr
  • 50% deposit & balance over 3 months

Ready to take your leadership to Limitless in 2022?


What Our Clients Say

We engaged Renée to help develop our senior leaders with her Limitless Leaders Acceleration program and our future leaders exposing them to a limitless mindset and motivational intelligence team program that has proved invaluable in our quest for constant improvement. Appreciate the learnings and support, for both myself and our team, received from Renée during our workshops and coaching sessions. Renée builds rapport quickly, which enables her to engage with any audience easily.

Simon Taylor, Regional West Manager, Metricon Homes

If you want an amazing, real training experience that will leave you and your team feeling empowered and energised, see Renée Giarrusso at Limitless Leaders. Renée is so much more than ‘just' a great trainer and a coach – she is personable, thorough and completely invested. The Limitless Leaders program gives you actual tools that you can apply holistically in your professional and personal life.

Maja Pasariček, Learning and Development Manager, Workskil Australia

Renée's guidance and coaching has proven invaluable for me over the years. She walks the talk – an energetic and adaptive life-long leadership student, continually growing and combining all of the essentials in leadership to captivate, stimulate and educate. Reneé’s helps you to chunk down all the essentials of Leadership, Collaboration & Growth Mindset and she delivers them with such authenticity & creativity. Renée has a unique way of combining all of the Leadership essentials and chunking them down into bite sized pieces for successful and effective “digestible” implementation. When it comes to coaching on Limitless Leadership, Renee is a vibrant splash of colour – continually inspiring others through her alluring, high energy yet authentic style.

Tony Femia, National Manager, Adviser Partnerships, MLC Life Insurance

Renée’s character, drive, passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Renée’s knowledge and expertise has helped me develop as an individual for over 5 years. Through the Limitless Leaders programme, I have seen a positive shift across two organisations. Most recently, Renée rolled out the Limitless Leaders programme on Western Program Alliance, where we saw an increase in performance and collaboration amongst the team. I cannot thank Renée enough for the support and positive influence over the years.

Tiana Cologna, Operations Manager, Arup

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