How to Build Your Presence on Social Media as a Leader or Organisation

On today’s show, I’m looking forward to talking to you about something that is a constant conversation with many of the leaders and businesses I work within, which is the presence as a leader and/or an organisation on social media.

I’ve been asked by Michael Howard – Director of Human Capital International (with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with, along with some of his team members many years ago), to shed some light on how I've built my branding for my business and my personal brand.


In this week's episode, I share how to build your presence on social media, including:

  • Ideas and tips and tricks on how I’m building my presence on social media;
  • How whether you’re an entrepreneur, a leader, or a business owner, it’s no longer optional to have a social media presence; and
  • How to leverage Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, social media scheduling tools, and much more.


About Michael Howard:

I have a passion for developing the capabilities of leaders.

Working with individuals and teams, often in a workshop environment, it is very satisfying to foster and hone skills that contribute to personal and organisational success.

My time working in the financial services sector was pivotal in my own leadership development. I thrived on the challenges as I moved through several different areas – Learning and Development, Product Management, Business Planning, Sales and Regional Management.

I still draw on my corporate experience most days; it gave me a great understanding of the issues that organisations and business leaders are challenged with every day.

  • Website: PiqueGlobal  (previously known as Human Capital International)


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